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From Isabelle Curry Fraser Aug 9, 2011: "I found the Crescent Beach website by accident and went through my old pictures and put together a few of them. I hope to get back to Nova Scotia next summer. I really enjoyed the website and sent the info on to my brother David. I am in Florida and he is in Surrey B.C. Click on the link to see my Old Crescent Beach photos."

The tail end of post-tropical depression Noel hit Crescent Beach the night of Nov 3/4, 2007.

A newspaper account describing the gift of Crescent Beach to the Province of Nova Scotia. Probably ran in 1951. Courtesy of Paul Harmon, Petite Riviere.

Additional scenic photos of Crescent Beach are now available at and Sept 18 2006, also. They will display in different sizes, so pick the size that you like best and the whole gallery will display that way.

Repairs to the crib work at Crescent Beach, including before and after pictures.

Crescent Beach under heavy snow February 2003 photo1 photo2. Courtesy of Sharri Bush.

January 18, 2003. These were provided by David Rackham, a summer resident of his family's ancestral home in West Dublin. His email address is in case you have questions or ideas about the photos.

  • Crescent Beach late in the day (summer 2002)

  • horse drawn cart on Crescent Beach (any ideas on the year, anyone?)

  • picnic and swimming at Crescent Beach (again, ideas on the year, anyone?)

  • a newspaper clipping on Gordon Romkey (probably 1945) (Speaker from 5 March 1940 - 14 April 1953.)

  • a three masted schooner resting on the bottom at low tide in Dublin Bay

  • a view of Petite Riviere.

    • Following comment courtesy of Ivan Smith. "There is a pole line that could be supporting a wire or wires, but it does not have cross arms on any of the poles, and no distribution transformers are in sight. This tells me the pole line carries a telephone circuit, and electric power has not yet reached here. My guesstimate is that the telephone line through Petite Riviere would have been built in the early 1920s, and electric power may have reached here in the 1930s. That's a start at dating this photo, but only a start."

    • Following comment from Bob March. [The picture looks like it was] taken from the top of the hill where Bob Freemen's house (now) is. It's looking East over the boundary area, Crescent Beach / West Dublin. Our house, 4863 (Crescent Beach) is on the right hand edge, and the form of the house places the date post - 1900.

Here are some photos that Jean McHarg let me scan.  

These came from Bob Romkey.  They are 1928-1929 vintage.

  • Crescent Beach & Green Bay

  • Bluledge Inn & Garden Lodge/Tea Room is the third house from the entrance to Crescent Beach. It's on the right side of the road on the way to Bridgewater, next door to the the cottage owned by the Bents. This cottage is now owned by Ben and Christine Lee. When it is was operated as a business it was owned by Mrs. Bowan Rafuse.

These were taken by Chris Preston (of Halifax) during July, 2001.

  • one lonely seagull in the surf

  • one lonely car on the beach

This was taken by Allison Nichols on the Thanksgiving weekend, 2001.

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