2002 AGM




AUGUST 17TH, 2002

Community Hall, LaHave Islands

Chair: John R. Nichols

In attendance: 43 members/residents

1. Minutes of AGM August 19, 2001 (copies distributed) were approved, as moved by Karen Dempsey, seconded by Elaine McHarg.

2. The Chairman explained that the Board had decided at the beginning of its tenure to focus exclusively on needed work at Crescent Beach, and had adopted an 'action plan' for repair and further protection efforts, for which funding had been sought from ACOA, through the Municipality. News of the ACOA approvals is awaited.

3. The Treasurer tabled the annual financial statement, noting one amendment (report on file). It was noted that grants had been received already for the construction of the two, installed recycling bins.

4. The Membership Secretary reported that membership stood at 226 families, some 76% of whom are NS residents. Moved by Burpee Meisner and seconded by Gordon Prince, it was agreed that the membership fee should be standardized to $5.00 per individual or family, for the following membership year - but that notice should be given to the membership now.

5. Crescent Beach 'Action Plan' was discussed, the constituents of which are: repair the crib extend the fencing: close off some pull-over areas, fence around others install recycling bins (completed) update scientific assessment of the beach and dunes (completed) install interpretive panels on bird life and beach/dune dynamics -Tom Daly confirmed that a number of ACOA submissions from the area await decision, so be patient. Don Downe indicated he was pressing for a decision. -Dr. Loucks presented observations developed by himself and a working group of the Board on the general state of the beach. The height of the dunes seemed stable, relative to Dr. Taylor's time-series observations. He observed that the dire 1970's predictions by Dr. Bowen has not materialized, due probably to a less dramatic rise in sea levels than predicted back then. Following a discussion of the natural forces at work at the beach and Green Bay's massive sand basin, the effectiveness of various interventions was discussed, including the existence of the crib, and the placement of Christmas trees at the foot of the dunes, the usefulness of rose plants: ' positive but modest benefits'. Dr. Loucks emphasized that hard solutions such as armour rock are a last resort only, as far as dune protection is concerned. Finally, it was reported that Board members would continue with regular observations of the Beach, e.g. sand levels, along a number of fixed observation points. -The Chairman said that if ACOA funding comes through and the Action Plan can go ahead, matching funds will be needed, and Friends will appeal to the community to 'buy a log' (for the repair of the crib).

6. Recycling Units: The installation of the two recycling units was viewed very positively by the membership. Richard Wilson of the Lunenburg Recycling Plant said it would take some time for the general public to properly sort their materials. The area at the easterly end of the beach was focussed on in discussion, since residents there must place their materials for regular municipal pick-up next to the new recycling unit. Richard said he would ensure the pick-up service responded to the situation.

7 A question was raised from the floor respecting the obvious infestations of spruce bark beetles at the easterly end of the beach.

New Board. Karen Dempsey presented a list of her nominations for the new Board, to which Eric Rafuse was added, and the report was approved. (List of new Board members available at Friends' Web Site)