July 2009


Meeting of July 15, 2009

Members present: Eric Rafuse, Paul Langlais, Bruce Raymond, Brenda Chance, Don Sedgwick, Shaun Bradley, Jim Sewell, John Nichols, Burpee Meisner, and Bob Fulleman. Guest: Sara Langlais

Treasurer's report: Moved by Bob Fulleman to accept report as presented, seconded by Shaun Bradley -- Carried

Minutes of previous board meeting: Bob Fulleman read the minutes of June 17, 2009 meeting and moved their acceptance. Seconded by Shaun Bradley Carried.

Membership: Of the 190 members, 33% are paid for the next year. There was discussion of possibly changing the fiscal year and/or membership year to better coincide with the AGM. A membership form
will be placed on the web site and a line on all future newsletters will point people to it.

Fundraising: Andra White is to review the inventory, sales and time invested in the sales of T-shirts. Moved by Don Sedgwick, seconded by Brenda Chance that a sale be held at the Annual General Meeting
to clear out existing stock Carried

Grants: Shaun Bradley suggested that grants be applied for regularly to demonstrate that Friends is an organization that needs grant money. Requests must always be for a specific project. A Municipal grant
of $1,000 for a capital project is available once every three years. Eric Rafuse will work with Laura Barkhouse to determine grants that are available for environmental issues.

Newsletter: A late September deadline for mid-October distribution.

AGM: Jean McHarg will look after publicity including a notice in the Bridgewater Bulletin. Current board members will be contacted to determine if they wish to re-offer. Mary Fulleman and Jean McHarg
will work with Anne Greer to provide refreshments.

Beach: Bruce Raymond will contact the RCMP about illegal driving on the beach and to see whether a speed limit sign can installed at the beach entrance. John Nichols and/or Eric Rafuse will also call the
Highways Department about the same topic. Moved by Don Sedgwick, seconded by Eric Rafuse that a sign be made, reading: "Caution, children playing, Community Watch" and another sign be made for the
back of the post, saying, "Thank you for driving safely" Carried

Next Meetings:
Annual General Meeting August 12, 2009
Board meeting September.16, 2009