June 2009


Meeting of June 17, 2009

Members present: Eric Rafuse, Paul Langlais, Bruce Raymond, Jean McHarg, Don Sedgwick, Shaun Bradley, Jim Sewell, Burpee Meisner and Bob Fulleman. Guest: Paul Langlais' daughter, Sara

Treasurer's report: Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Eric Rafuse to accept the report Carried

Minutes of previous board meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Don Sedgwick to accept the minutes of the May 20, 2009 meeting as presented Carried.

Membership: No report

Fundraising: With 41 T-shirts in stock it was suggested that there should be a special price at the AGM to sell the remaining shirts. Moved by Don Sedgwick, seconded by Bob Fulleman that 3 copies of the large Pentz reproductions be ordered Carried.
Newsletter: Material is due in for the next issue by June 26. Bob Fulleman and Don Sedgwick will call potential advertisers about placing ads. Paul Langlais will write a story about Crescent Beach.

Business Arising: Bruce Raymond will call DNR about Porta Potties for the beach this summer. Garbage cans have been replaced. Replacement poo bag box has been built and will be installed soon. Jean McHarg call PharmaSave for bags. Bruce Raymond will ask the Highways Department to post a speed limit sign at the entrance to the beach. Jean McHarg reports that the release letter has been received from the Mosher's Island Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Beach: Beach Sweep date is June 18. Bob Fulleman will pick up materials on Friday. Petite Riviere School wants to participate in the Fall Beach Sweep

Other Business: Bob Bancroft (CBC) will speak and will be interviewed for the newsletter. Fullemans have offered their home for him to stay in the night of the meeting.

Next Meeting: July 15, 2009.