May 2009


Meeting of May 20, 2009

Members present: Shaun Bradley, Bruce Raymond, Andra White, Tim Chance, Brenda Chance, Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Don Sedgwick and Bob Fulleman

Treasurer’s report: Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Andra White to accept the report as presented. Carried. Jim Sewell will contact Atlantex regarding their outstanding bill to us.

Minutes of previous board meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Tim Chance to accept the minutes of the April 23, 2009 meeting as presented – Carried.

Membership: The Chances sent 74 E-bills and only two were rejected, one since successful after correction of the address. Membership form to be added to the website.

Fundraising: Brenda Chance and Andra White will work on getting T-shirts, etc., into the local shops for sale.
Newsletter: Distribution of next issue will be the week of July 13 with the deadline for contributions to be June 26. The deadline for the fall issue will be Sept. 25 for distribution to be the week of October 13. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE NEWSLETTER ARE NEEDED. Interesting stories, information about people in the area and even summer recipes are welcome.. .

Beach: Bob Fulleman will check the big sign and repair as needed. Bob Fulleman, Eric Rafuse, Don Sedgwick and Tim Chance will erect signs and open trash containers. Jean McHarg will research getting
the missing and damaged trash barrels replaced. It is too late to do any planting this year. Beach sweep will be June 18 at 9 am. Bruce Raymond discussed with the RCMP the problem of joyriding on the beach: it was suggested that the police be kept informed. It is not a major problem as long as there aren't others on the beach

Other Business: Don Sedgwick reported that the gun range in their area will not be used this year because of the cost of upgrades needed to make it comply with the law.

Next Meeting: Next board meeting will be June 17, 2009.