Apr 2009


Meeting of April 23, 2009

Members present: Eric Rafuse, Paul Langlais, Bruce Raymond, Brenda Chance, Jim Sewell, Burpee Meisner, Tim Chance and Bob Fulleman. Guest: Paul Langlais' daughter, Sara, to see what occurs at board meetings.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer's report approved as presented by Bob Fulleman in the absence of the treasurer. .

Minutes of previous board meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Tim Chance to accept the minutes of the November 19, 2008 meeting as presented on line – Carried.

Membership: Brenda Chance reported that the mailing list has been edited and the newsletters sent out.

Fundraising: Some small reproductions have sold but still enough stock for now. More large reproductions are required. Jim Sewell will research the economically feasible number to buy. Brenda Chance and Andra White will research costs for more T-shirts and sweat shirts and how to get them into local shops.

Newsletter: early April deadline for a May publication. Membership forms will be included in the newsletter so the AGM will only have to catch those renewals missed earlier. Assuming obtaining of
sufficient e-mail addresses, could the bulk mailing be reduced to one a year, the summer issue? Let people know in it that they can get the other issues by providing their E-mail addresses. Newsletters should be placed in the local stores for a time after publication

Beach: Damaged beach signs require repairs. Eric Rafuse will investigate repairs to walkway over the dunes. Cribwork has been PARTLY removed: it is unclear when, or if, the rest will be removed.

Other Business: There was brief discussion on the mandate of Friends with reference to land use in the area. Karen Dempsey has asked to make a presentation to the board. Signs at the beach need to be reinstalled by Mid-May. Bruce Raymond will investigate further planting of roses on the dune to deter pedestrian traffic. The two rolls of snow fence last installed seem to be working. Moved by Eric Rafuse, seconded by Bob Fulleman that four rolls of snow fence be bought and installed – Carried Investigation of a speaker for the Annual General Meeting was started. The meeting will be held Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at the Petite Riviere Fire Hall

Next Meeting: Next board meeting will be May 19, 2009.