Nov 2008


Meeting of November 19, 2008

Members present: Eric Rafuse, Peter Bell, Paul Langlais, Bruce Raymond, Jean McHarg, Brenda Chance, Don Sedgwick and Bob Fulleman

Treasurer’s report: Mosher's Island group are closing down and will donate their remaining funds to Friends. a note is required to confirm there is no obligation for use of the funds for any specific purpose. Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Peter Bell to accept the report as submitted by Jean HcHarg – Carried.

Minutes of previous board meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Jean McHarg to accept the minutes of the October 15, 2008 meeting as presented on line – Carried.

Membership: Brenda Chance reported that the mailing list has been edited and the newsletters sent out.

Fundraising: T- Shirts are being made and one was donated to Stan Carew. Discussion ensued about the possibility of organizing a larger fund-raising event IF there is a need for funds.

Newsletter: next submission deadline: early April for a publication in May

Beach: Damaged beach signs require repairs. Eric Rafuse will contact Greg Corkum regarding repairs to walkway over the dunes. Cribwork has been PARTLY removed: it is unclear when, or if, the rest will be removed.

Other Business: Discussion ensued regarding the mandate of Friends, including material in a letter from Chris Gill Karen Dempsey will be invited on December 3 to make presentation. AGM to be held Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next Meeting: Next board meeting will be held week of March 15, 2009.