Oct 2008


Meeting of October 15, 2008

Members present: Bruce Raymond, Don Sedgwick, Brenda Chance, Tim Chance, Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, John Nichols, Jim Sewell, Burpee Meisner, Andra White, Bob Fulleman, and Peter Bell.
Meeting called to order at 7:19 pm.

Treasurer’s report approved as presented by Jean McHarg.

Minutes of September 15 board meeting as presented by Bob Fulleman were approved on motion of John Nichols, seconded by Jim Sewell.

Membership committee chairs Tim and Brenda Chance are updating postal codes for all members

Fundraising: 6 sets of three small prints on hand. Andra White will check on cost of sweat shirts and will promote them in the newsletter. Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Bob Fulleman to buy a limited number more – Carried

Newsletter: Plenty of material submitted, distribution to be around November 1.

Beach: Vandals have overturned the recycling bin twice, have destroyed the dog poo box twice and on one occasion, thrown the large sign into the ocean, since retrieved by Friends. Bruce Raymond will report damage to the RCMP. Occurrences were at the last full moons. Some sand is gathering around the snow fencing  Beach sweep was well publicized and well organized. Kids had a great time: A school day should be considered for our spring beach sweep. Crib removal work is still scheduled for this year.

Other Business: Friends website address should be added to the beach sign.

Next Meeting: (Final meeting for 2008) At Bradley-Sedgwick’s November 18,at 7:00 pm