Sep 2008


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting September 17, 2008

Present: Bruce Raymond, Don Sedgwick, Shaun Bradley, Brenda Chance, Tim Chance, Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, John Nichols, Bob Fulleman, Paul Langlais, and Peter Bell.

Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Jean McHarg Report included a donation deriving from recycling refunds for materials picked up from the beach areas over the season. Acceptance of the report moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Bob Fulleman – Carried.

Minutes of previous meeting: Minutes of July 17 meeting were presented by Bob Fulleman. Acceptance of the minutes moved by John Nichols, seconded by Jean McHarg – Carried.

Membership: Some payments have come in as a result of a notice in the newsletter. Another notice will be placed in the next newsletter.

Fundraising: With 8 Marsh, 7 Ocean and 3 Dunes small reproductions on hand, Bob Fulleman moved that more Dunes be ordered, number to be based on cost effectiveness. Seconded by Don Sedgwick – Carried

Newsletter: Material required by October 3 for the issue to be distributed about November 1. Postal codes in the area are changing: Jean McHarg, Brenda Chance and Tim Chance update the mailing list.

AGM: The speaker, Bob Taylor, brought a surplus projection screen which he donated to the Petite Riviere Fire Department. Since the speaker as a government employee was not permitted to accept an honorarium, Don Sedgwick moved that the amount budgeted for the speaker be donated to the fund for the monument at the Mi’kmaq burial site near Sperry’s Beach; seconded by Peter Bell – Carried. Don Sedgwick will notify Bob Taylor of this decision. Suppliers of door prizes will be acknowledged in the newsletter.

Beach: Bob Fulleman will report on progress of the snow fence “sand acquisition “ project at the next meeting. The dunes are looking good with lots of sand build up and good vegetation growth. The Friends website address should be added to the Crescent Beach sign. Peter Bell will talk to the local MLA about making the damaged cribwork safe. Bob Fulleman will talk to Greg Corkum about a new site for a walkway through the armour rock.

TD Bank Beach Sweep Friday, October 3 at 9:30am Sally Steele will arrange for the pickup of the garbage collected. Volunteers are needed to oversee the students involved.

Next Board Meeting: At Bob Fulleman’s on October 15 at 7pm