June 2008


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting June 19, 2008

Present: Shaun Bradley, Don Sedgwick, Peter Bell, David Weagle, Jim Sewell, Bruce Raymond, Burpee Meisner, Jean McHarg and Bob Fulleman.

Treasurer's Report: Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Shaun Bradley to accept the report as presented. Carried.

Minutes of previous meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Jim Sewell to accept the minutes of the May 8 meeting as presented Carried.

Membership: No new members to report at this time. Jean McHarg suggested a reminder letter be written to all non-paid-up members. Jean McHarg, Shaun Bradley and Andra White will cooperate on this. An effort will be made to solicit members at the Petite Riviere Fireman's breakfast

Fundraising: With a significant stock of paintings and about 20 T-shirts on hand at this point, some of the stock should be sold before buying anything more.

Newsletter: The Theme for the next issue is "Birds": material for it is due by June 27.

Beach Sweep: The Beach Sweep was a disappointment: only nine people showed up, half of whom left by 10 am. July could be a better time for this effort where a number of summer residents could be involved. Sixteen bags of garbage were collected, nearly all of which was fast food containers, wrappers, etc. Jim Sewell will contact Petite Riviere School to see if there is interest in the September beach sweep sponsored by TD Bank.

Beach Work: Bob Fulleman will call Wayne Feener of NS Department of Transportation and Public Works to try to find out their intended schedule for the work on the cribwork.
Bob Fulleman and Eric Rafuse will start the installation of low height snow fence to attract sand to the dune. DNR has opened the beach trash cans and installed new signs regarding the sorting of items. Friends must now reinstall signs on the front of the bins, and reinstall the Crescent Beach sign and the interpretive panels.

Annual General Meeting: New board members (hopefully including some younger people) are required to fill positions vacant due to resignations. Details for the meeting were discussed.

Other Business: Don Sedgwick reported that the aquarium project at Petite Riviere School has proved to be a huge success.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, July 17 at 7 pm. at Jean McHarg's cottage