May 2008


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting May 6, 2008

Present: Bruce Raymond, Don Sedgwick, David Weagle, Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Gordon Whynacht, Burpee Meisner, Andra White, Jim Sewell and Bob Fulleman.

Treasurer's Report: Moved by Jean McHarg to accept the report as presented, seconded by Bob Fulleman Carried.

Minutes: Moved by Don Sedgwick, seconded by Andra White to accept the minutes of March 6 meeting as distributed on line Carried.

Fundraising: Newly purchased prints are in stock and three of each of the small prints are at Dennison's. Initial discussion was held on whether a "Tool sell and swap" could be run at the Petite Riviere Fire Hall with a charge for entry and for sales tables and/or a percentage of sales.

Newsletter: Recently distributed and well received. Moved by Don Sedgwick, seconded by Jean McHarg that three issues a year be published spring, summer and fall. Carried. Andra White and Jean McHarg will help with envelope stuffing and mailing subsequent newsletters.

Annual General Meeting: Aug. 13, 2008 at 7:30 pm date and physical details confirmed. Guest speaker to be Bob Taylor of Geological Survey of Canada. A whole page of the next newsletter will be used to promote attendance. Young people are to be encouraged to join the board. Don Sedgwick suggested establishing a committee to work on promotion of the AGM. Board members asked to bring ideas and sources for door prizes to the next meeting.

Website: Gordon Prince is working on the details for setting up a forum for public discussion.

Beach sweep: Jean McHarg is making arrangements. Able-bodied people are required to help due to the size of some logs to be removed.

Beach Access: Initial consideration given to creating more walkways over the dunes and rocks, possibly looking at those Lawrencetown Beach for guidance. Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Burpee Meisner that Eric Rafuse and Bob Fulleman talk to Greg Corkum about creating two more walkways from the road to the Beach. Carried. Also to consider a walkway at the far end of the beach alongside the access road.

Other Business: Moved by Shaun Bradley, seconded by Andra White that Board meeting time will henceforth be at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Carried.

Next board meeting: June 19 at 7:00 pm at Fulleman's