Mar 2008


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting March 5, 2008

Present: Shaun Bradley, Burpee Meisner, Andra White, Gordon Whynacht, Bruce Raymond, Peter Bell and Bob Fulleman.

Treasurer's Report: Jean McHarg absent but conveys that our balance is the same as at the last meeting and all our bills are paid.

Minutes: The meeting of February 7, 2008 was cancelled due to weather. Moved by Bob Fulleman, seconded by Shaun Bradley to accept minutes of January 8, 2008 as
presented. Carried.

Cribwork: A letter from Wayne Feener of the DoTPW says that they are going to remove all the horizontal members of the cribwork and any protruding nails/spikes before the beach season of 2008.

Fundraising: Dennison's is offering a good deal on selling and framing of the Pentz reproductions. Jim Sewell received approval to purchase another six sets of the small prints from Atlantex. It was agreed to
give Dennison's a free ad in our upcoming newsletter as thanks for their working with us.

Newsletter: Deadline for the April issue is March 15, 2008. Shaun Bradley will investigate LaHave Islands Museum's concerns about delivery area..

AGM: Meeting is tentatively scheduled for August 13, 2008 pending availability of the Petite Riviere Fire Hall. Peter Bell will ask Leander Meisner about availability for that date.

Website: Moved, seconded and carried to send Gordon Prince funds annually to help defray the expenses he incurs in the operation of the website. Carried.
Bob Fulleman will act as board contact with Gordon Prince

Other Business: Moved by Shaun Bradley, seconded by Andra White that Board meeting time will henceforth be at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Carried.

Next board meeting: April 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm.