Jan 2008


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting January 8, 2008

Present:: Jean McHarg, Bob Fulleman, David Weagle, Burpee Meisner, Shaun Bradley, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond and Jim Sewell.

Treasurer's Report: Moved by Jean McHarg to accept the report as presented, seconded by David Weagle. Carried.

Minutes of previous meeting: Moved by Bob Fulleman to accept minutes of November 30, 2007 board meeting as presented., seconded by Shaun Bradley. Carried.

Fundraising: After discussion, moved and seconded to accept an agreement on pricing of the Pentz reproductions and on a arrangement with Dennison's who have offered to sell our small reproductions for a fee which would be waived if framing is purchased at the time of the purchase. Carried.

Newsletter: Next edition in April with submissions deadline in late March. After discussion, moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by David Weagle to charge the Museum a flat charge per page plus one-half of
the cost of mailing.

Beach Sweep: confirmed for June 7. Jean McHarg will send information to Janice Read

Crib repair: A letter from Wayne Feener says that DOTPW will remove the planks and spikes from the upright posts before this summer and leave the posts in place. Bob Fulleman will request that they do this before our beach sweep on June 7. Snow fence has been purchased and will be installed when the weather permits.

Website: Website content was discussed: Bruce Raymond will send information to Gordon Prince with instructions regarding storm Noel on our website. Jim Sewell suggested that the newsletter carry a note the contents of the website.

Other Business:
TD Bank is promoting a nationwide beach sweep on September 8; Friends said we would be interested in participating.
Jim Sewell suggested trying daytime board meetings. Members will be e-mailed regarding this.

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, February 7 at 7:15pm.at Fullemans'