Nov 2007


Summary of Minutes of Special Board Meeting November 6, 2007

Present: Neiff Joseph, Jim Sewell, Jean Mc Harg, Shaun Bradley, David Weagle, Peter Bell, Eric Rafuse, John Nichols, Burpee Meisner, Gordon Whynacht and Bob Fulleman.

Meeting called to order by John Nichols

Purpose of Meeting: To decide a course of action in regard to the damage at Crescent Beach caused by recent sub-tropical storm, Noel. The question was raised as to whether the cribwork can or should be repaired or replaced. There is more damage than we have resources to handle so government assistance will be required. It was agree to contact DNR, DOTPW, Jack Wentzell, Karen Dempsey, Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Gerald Keddy and Peter McKay to see what help is available.

Moved and seconded: to have the Bob Fulleman contact Karen Dempsey, Carolyn Bolivar-Getson and Gerald Keddy to see if they can meet us together at Crescent Beach to survey the damage and offer a plan for repairs. Carried.

We should stress that the protection of the road is a dominant factor in deciding what is to be done. We will attempt to get CTV to cover this meeting.

Bob will also contact Bob Taylor to see what his schedule is and to see about him coming down to survey the damage.

Shaun will write a letter to the Bridgewater Bulletin asking people to contact their representatives about repairing damage at the beach.

Meeting adjourned.