Oct 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting October 9, 2007

Present: Don Sedgwick, Andra White, Jean McHarg, Jim Sewell, John Nichols, Bruce Raymond, Bob Fulleman

Treasurer's Report: Motion made and seconded by Jean McHarg and John Nichols to accept report as presented. Carried.

Minutes: Motion made and seconded to accept minutes of September 19 board meeting as presented. Carried

Membership: List has been edited and is current with 167 paid up families.

Fundraising: "Ocean" reproduction has been redone by Atlantex. Jim Sewell will approve it and place an order. Atlantex says there should be no problem placing repros into tubes for storage and shipping. Motion made and seconded to approve $550.00 for the purchase of an assortment of t-shirts. Carried.

Newsletter: Good first 8-page draft.

Roadway: After discussion, it was decided to request that DoTPW place armour rock outside of the existing shoulder rather than narrowing the shoulder as they have suggested.

Walkway signage: Two additional walkway signs to be ordered.

Website: Motion was made and seconded to send Gordon Prince funds annually to help defray the expenses he incurs in the operation of the website. Carried. Bob Fulleman will act as board contact with Gordon

New Business:

Funding for Bob Taylor's geographical surveys of beaches other than in HRM has been discontinued. Bruce Raymond will write to Bob Taylor offering assistance as needed for him to continue his good work at Crescent Beach.

Bob Fulleman and Eric Rafuse will remove the signs at the beach and close the recycling bins for the season.

Next board meeting: Combined November/December meeting at the home of Don and Shaun.