Sep 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting September 19, 2007

Present: Bruce Raymond, Peter Bell, Gordon Whynacht, Jim Sewell, Jean McHarg, Neiff Joseph, Eric
Rafuse, Bob Fulleman, John Nichols, and Andra White

Election of officers: John Nichols made and Neiff Joseph seconded a motion to reelect the officers of
the last year to the same positions for the coming year Carried

Treasurer's Report: Nita Eisenhauer has turned $55.25 over to Jean McHarg, the amount she received
from all the returnable bottles she collected from the beach area this summer. Bob Fulleman is to write a
letter thanking Nita for her efforts in keeping the beach clean and for the donation.

Minutes: Motion made and seconded by John Nichols and Peter Bell to accept the minutes of the July
11, 2007 board meeting as presented Carried

Fundraising: All reproductions sold and order for one more on the books. After discussion, Jean
McHarg made and Bob Fulleman seconded a motion to purchase 5 museum quality reproductions of
"Ocean" and 5 sets of the three small reproductions for a total of approximately $1400.00 Carried.

Cape LaHave Island clean up: Cancelled for this year.

Membership: No report this month

Newsletter: The LaHave Island Museum group has agreed to pay 1/8 of the production cost of an
eight-page newsletter for each page used by their items.

Film: Showing of "An Unfortunate Truth" can't be organized for October; we'll keep trying.

AGM : Considered a success with Chris Miller being an excellent speaker. Attendance was lower than
hoped for. Would returning to a day-time meeting help? Is an "issue" needed to generate interest?

New Business: A resident has remarked that signs for the walkways only face traffic going toward the
islands. Jean McHarg made and Neiff Joseph seconded a motion to purchase two more signs to face the
other direction Carried.

Bob Fulleman is to write a letter to DNR to compliment on Maughan's excellent job of servicing the
porta-potties this summer and to mention reports of the poor condition of units at Risser's Park.

Next board meeting: 7:15 on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 at Fullemans'