Jun 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting June 14, 2007

Present: Bruce Raymond, Jean McHarg, Jim Sewell, Peter Bell, Eric Rafuse and Bob Fulleman.

Treasurer's report Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Jim. Sewell and carried, to accept report as

Minutes: Motion to accept minutes of May 15, 2007 as presented, made by Bob Fulleman, seconded by
Jean McHarg and carried.

Membership: In working on the membership list, Shaun Bradley reported that a number of newsletters
were returned as undeliverable. Those with dues in arrears were deleted from the list. Others are being
investigated to update addresses, etc. Jean McHarg is working on getting bookmarks made with
membership applications on them for distribution to prospective members.

Fundraising: With prices now available for small prints of the beach painting, Jim Sewell will create a
newsletter ad with prices for small prints and will order 5 large, museum quality, prints of the beach.

Newsletter: Progress is being made on the next newsletter but still awaiting word from the La Have
Islands newsletter publishers about joining our two publications.

Beach Sweep: Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Jim Sewell and carried to accept the report as

Cape LaHave Island clean up: Tentative dates: August 1, with 2 and 3 as "rain dates", when boats
will be available and tides appropriate. DFO must be notified if any old lobster traps are to be returned
from the island so we don't run into difficulty resulting from transporting them out of fishing season.
People who are going to help with this need to be made aware of the items they should bring with them,
including jackets, rubber boots, life jackets, sunscreen and lunch. Bob Fulleman will write an article for
the newsletter regarding this activity.

Crib repair: Bob Fulleman and Eric Rafuse found that about 60 planks are available for repair, targeting
the end of June or the first part of July for this work.

AGM: Don Sedgwick has arranged for Chris Miller, of Dalhousie Coastal Ecology, to be the guest

Website: The cost of our website service has recently been increased five fold: Gordon Prince is looking
for another carrier. He has been paying the monthly cost fee for several years: he is due a thank you.

Other Business: Karen Dempsey is looking for someone, with FOCB in mind, to keep an eye on the
Mosher's Island lighthouse property. She is to provide more information on what is required .
The Ecology Action Center is willing to show Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, at the
Petite Riviere Fire Hall if we arrange for the facility.

Bob is to order new signs for the recycle bins: Friends will pay for them if Michelin decides not to
do so.

Next Board meeting: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at Jean McHarg's cottage at 7:15 pm.