May 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting May 15, 2007

Present: Jean McHarg, Burpee Meisner, Jim Sewell, Bruce Raymond, and Bob Fulleman.

Treasurer's Report Jean moved and Shaun Bradley seconded a motion to accept the report. Carried..
Rock donations are arriving as a result of the recent newsletter.

Minutes: Jean McHarg moved, Bob Fulleman seconded and carried to accept the minutes of the April
25, 2007 meeting as corrected. It was agreed that Minutes would be summarized for use on the website.

Fund raising: Awaiting price information from Atlantex for Pentz reproductions

Newsletter: Spring issue has been published and delivered with notices to members with unpaid dues.
New membership fees will be published in next letter.

Beach sweep: Jean McHarg as event organizer will contact the Girl Guides and school students for help.

Cribwork repair: Eric Rafuse, Don Sedgwick and Bob Fulleman will do this work.

Membership: Jean McHarg proposed and will check out costs for bookmarks for prospective members,
similar to a prototype produced by Mary Fulleman. These will incorporate an application form as well as
information about our society.

AGM: Don Sedgwick will investigate prospective speakers.

New Business: Jean McHarg suggested that we sponsor a showing of Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient
Truth" at the Petite fire hall sometime preferably during the summer.

Friends will consider Councillor Karen Dempsey's query on whether we could take over from the
relatively inactive Mosher's Island Lighthouse Preservation Society which is interested in disbanding.

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 7:15 pm. at the Fullemans'