Apr 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting April 25, 2007

Present: Eric Rafuse, Jean McHarg, Gordon Whynacht, Burpee Meisner, Bruce Raymond, Don Sedgwick,
Shaun Bradley, Andra White, David Weagle, Anne Greer and Bob Fulleman.
Special guests present: Councillor Karen Dempsey and MoDL Director of Recreation Carroll Randall.

Guest Presentation: Carroll Randall spoke about Cape La Have Island (which MoDL manages) and asked
the opinion of the Friends board about how the Island should be handled. MoDL is willing to support/help
us with any clean-up we do choose to do there. During a clean-up last year, Friends members found that
nearly all of the trash was washed ashore, not been left by users of the area. Carroll said MODL is willing to
be as involved as we want them to be in any clean-up effort on the island. For instance, he offered the
services of some of his young active "summer" personnel for handling of large items and for assistance in
getting such items as parts of old lobster traps to the mainland for disposal. He also offered to provide
gloves, bags, etc., and to cover fuel cost.
Karen Dempsey addressed the Island's "Common Land" status and its pros and cons. As it now
stands, MoDL could sell the island, but not without public disclosure and consultation prior to the act.
Carroll Randall and Karen Dempsey were thanked for their time spent in meeting with us and for
their efforts on our behalf.

Minutes: With the March meeting cancelled, minutes of February 13, 2007 board meeting were distributed.
Motion by Bob Fulleman to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Jean McHarg. Carried.
Alex MacIntosh requested a copy of the minutes of the June 6, 2000 which are not on the website. Moved,
seconded and carried to forward same.

Treasurer's report: Donations in memory of member Dan Irwin have been received. Jean moved and Bob
seconded a motion to accept the report. Carried

AGM: Work is proceeding on arranging for an appropriate guest speaker.

Newsletter. Don Sedgwick has started discussions with Sheila Chambers of the LaHave Islands Museum
about merging our newsletters. With some issues to be ironed out before that happens, it was agreed to
publish separately this time and get together for the summer issue. A name is required for the newly merging
A draft of the newsletter was distributed for comment. For the future, more people are required to
write for the publication. Moved, seconded and carried to sell advertising in the newsletter. Revenue will
help to offset costs. Carried. Carroll Randall, on behalf of MoDL, has expressed an interest in buying ads.
Jean McHarg is the contact regarding ads.

Aquarium project. The aquarium in the Petite Riviere School has salmon in it and Don Sedgwick has
talked to the students regarding it and the river. A plaque will be installed on it in memory of Doug Bell.
Don and Bob Fulleman will frame a map of the Petite River for display in the school.

Beach: Bob Fulleman, Eric Rafuse and Don Sedgwick will see to installing the signs for the summer and
will address replacing the few cribwork planks that are loose or missing.

Membership: Suggestion to have printed "post cards" which would include a membership application

Next Board meeting: Tuesday, May 15. 2007 at the home of Bob and Mary Fulleman