Feb 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting February 13, 2007

Present: Shaun Bradley, Don Sedgwick, Jean McHarg, Peter Bell, Bruce Raymond and Bob Fulleman

.Minutes: Don Sedgwick moved, Shaun Bradley seconded a motion to accept the minutes of the January 10,
2007 meeting. Carried.

Treasurer's report: Jean McHarg reports funds on hand after all bills are paid.. New T-shirts not to be
ordered at present. Consider taking orders for long sleeved shirts at the AGM and for later purchase. Jean
McHarg moved and Bob Fulleman seconded a motion to accept the treasurer's report as presented. Carried

Newsletter: Jean McHarg reported the interest of the LaHave Islands Museum people in joint effort
newsletters. Both organizations favour at least Spring, Summer and Fall issues. The name of the joint
publication requires discussion. Laura Barkhouse has indicated that MoDL may help in printing and may
provide input.

Don Sedgwick reported that the aquarium has been installed in the Petite Riviere School and the salmon are
in it. A memorial plaque will be placed on the aquarium in memory of Doug Bell. Lewis Hinks will speak
to the students regarding the fish of the Petite River. As part of this project, FOCB will obtain and frame a
copy of Chris Gill's map of the River, then install it beside the aquarium.

AGM: Potential speakers to be approached: Bob Taylor of the Geological Society of Canada, Marq de
Villiers and Sheila Hirtle.

Website: requires updating to include new board members and new event information.

Membership: A letter will be sent to members whose dues are in arrears.

Next Board meetings: March 20 at the Fulleman's; following meeting April 18, 2007 at the home of Shaun
Bradley and Don Sedgwick