Jan 2007


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting January 10, 2007

Present: Jim Sewell, Peter Bell, Gordon Whynacht, Jean McHarg, Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer, Don
Sedgwick, Shaun Bradley, Bob Fulleman and Andra White.

Minutes: Andra White moved, Bob Fulleman seconded to accept the minutes of the November 8, 2006
meeting. Carried

Treasurer's Report Jim Sewell moved and Shaun Bradley seconded a motion to accept the report.
Carried.. Rock donations are arriving as a result of the recent newsletter.

Fund raising: Some interest has been expressed in long sleeved T-shirts Andra White will research cost
and price shirts accordingly. With sufficient interest, we should collect deposits from prospective purchasers
before placing our order.
The third Pentz reproduction should be made available for delivery at the AGM. Jim Sewell to
determine its cost and the cost of smaller versions, also the cost and availability of placemats.

Newsletter: Next publication dates: late April or early May and mid to late July with most of the next issue
to be assembled prior to the April 23 meeting. From discussion of future editions, it was suggested that a
possible joint publication with the La Have Islands Museum would include community news, perhaps with
MoDL support and financed by advertising. It was generally agreed that, if anything, the size of the
newsletter should expand but not the frequency of publication. Discussion about discontinuing mailing
newsletters to people with membership dues in arrears. Decided to state that "Membership is support for our
organization, NOT a subscription to the newsletter". The question was again raised of whether we should
expand into a community newsletter. To reduce mailing costs, FOCB will continue to push for E-mail

Promotion: Discussion about having promotional signs at the beach and membership forms available at the
beach, at the Petite Riviere monthly Fireman's breakfast and at the Crescent Beach General Store. Items to
be inserted in MoDL's "Municipal Matters" publication.

Don Sedgwick reported that the Doug Bell memorial project at the Petite Riviere School will see the
aquarium installed in February.

Dates: Beach Sweep June 9, weather permitting. AGM Wednesday, August 15, 2007.

Next Board meeting: February 14, 2007 at the home of Anne Greer.