Oct 2006


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting October 5, 2006

Present: Bruce Raymond, John Nichols, Burpee Meisner, Eric Rafuse, David Weagle, Jim Sewell, Peter
Bell, Jean McHarg, and Bob Fulleman.

Minutes: Bob Fulleman moved, David Weagle seconded to accept the minutes of the July 19 meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Moved Jean by McHarg, Seconded by Bob Fulleman to accept report as submitted.

Executive: Moved by Jean McHarg, seconded by Burpee Meisner that officers remain the same as last year:
Chair: Bruce Raymond; Vice Chair: Jim Sewell; Treasurer: Jean McHarg; Secretary: Bob Fulleman. Carried.

Fundraising: Jim Sewell: Nine T-shirts have been sold. Additional shirts are back-ordered.

Newsletter: Items for inclusion: Promotion of T-shirts and the "Rock Fund"; Mention that interpretive signs
are read by many; send a copy with thanks to Pharmasave who donate doggie bags.

Grants/Beach: Carroll Randall has confirmed $1,000 capital grant from MoDL. Moved Eric Rafuse,
seconded Jean McHarg and carried that we contract with Greg Corkum to put in another 300 feet of armour
rock for $12,500 as before. Suggested that we use smaller rock than previously and that we put signs on the
crib work to discourage walking on dunes.

It was confirmed FOCB is a member of Coastal Communities Network and not of Coastal Coalition which
is a different organization.

AGM: To encourage a better turnout for the next AGM, a telephone tree was suggested with a prior review
of the membership list to determine who are possible attendees. A good speaker should also help attendance.

Secretary will send thank you letters to appropriate people at DNR for porta potty maintenance and trash
removal over the summer

Next Board meeting: November 8, 2006 at Anne Greer's home.