July 2006


Summary of Minutes of Board Meeting July 19, 2006

Present: Bruce Raymond, Don Sedgwick, Eric Rafuse, David, Jim Sewell, Peter Bell, Shaun Bradley, Jean
McHarg, and Bob Fulleman.

Minutes: Don Sedgwick moved, David Weagle seconded to accept the minutes of the June 15 meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Jean McHarg moved, Bob Fulleman seconded to accept the report. Carried. Garage
sale was a success, with a profit. Some donations received for the Rock Fund. Proposal to make a donation
to the Coastal Communities Network: Moved, seconded and carried.

DNR to be requested to address the problem of the "virtually impassable" condition of the east entrance to
the beach.

Letter to be sent to Linda and Neil McDonald for their work on the bike rack. Acknowledgement and thank
you letter to be sent to Sage for the $4,000 grant which was designated for armour rock protection of the
dune. Pictures after the rock is installed should be sent to Sage and other major contributors, to document
the work done.

AGM: All present board members have agreed to serve in their current positions for the next fiscal year.
Others need to be called before the AGM. Motion to have the secretary present the nominating committee's
report to the AGM: Moved, seconded and carried The search is on for a speaker to address the AGM.

Members will attend the upcoming MoDL public meeting regarding Sperry's Beach as observers only.

Membership: Five new members signed on at the Yard Sale.

Fund-raising: T-shirts are selling: much of the cost has already been recovered. It was suggested that orders
be taken at the AGM for further T-shirts. Place mats as a fund-raising project to be investigated,

Newsletter: After discussion, Don and Shaun offered to edit and handle the mailing of the newsletter.
E-mail addresses of all the general members will be requested at the AGM as a possible means of
economical distribution. A decision on publishing dates will be made at the August board meeting.

Next board meeting: September 21, 2006 at a venue to be announced.