June 2006


Meeting of June 15, 2006

Members present: Don and Shawn Sedgwick, Burpee Meisner, Eric Rafuse, Andra White, Jean McHarg, Bruce Raymond, Peter Bell, Bob Fulleman and David Weagle.

Meeting called to order at 7:19 pm.

Treasurer’s report approved as presented by Jean Mc Harg.

Minutes of May 17 board meeting approved by motion by Bob Fulleman and seconded by Jean McHarg.

Work on walkways through the dunes at the beach has been completed by Greg Corkum and his bill should be paid. Large “Crescent Beach” sign has blown over and needs to be reinstalled. Bob Fulleman and Eric Rafuse will handle this work. Jean McHarg moved and Burpee Meisner seconded a motion to install the sign in concrete with steel tubes in it to hold the sign so it can be removed in winter. Carried.

Beach sweep will occur this coming Saturday at 10 am. Jean McHarg will try to get the Girl Guides to help.

Jean McHarg has talked to Sally Steele who is willing to produce a pamphlet to give residents and renters information on proper disposal of household trash to keep it out of public containers at the beach. Bruce Raymond will contact Sally to tell her we will see to the distribution of the pamphlets and to ask her if the Government Wharf facilities should be used by cottagers. Jean will also talk to Sharri Bush about distributing to owners and tenants of the properties she manages.

Doug Bell Memorial: Money will probably go through the Petite Riviere school. A total of $1400.00 is needed and more money needs to be raised to reach this total.

Membership: We’re still at 300 members.

Andra has new T-shirts in various sizes, types and patterns.

Yard sale will be July 15 in Weagles’ driveway. Ten foot spaces will be $10.00 or people can donate items for FOCB to sell at their space. Food will be served to FOCB workers after the closing of the sale.

AGM: Don Sedgwick will contact James Hirtle to be the guest speaker if nobody else has already talked to him. Peter Bell will check on the availability of the Petite Riviere fire hall on August 17 for this meeting. Dues can be changed by motion to the AGM. Jean McHarg moved and Peter Bell seconded a motion to increase the dues to $10.00 per person or $20.00 per family. Carried. This will be presented to the AGM.
Moved (Don Sedgewick) and seconded motion to make life memberships available at $200.00 per person. Carried. Bruce Raymond will present these motions to the AGM.

Newsletter: Don and Shawn Sedgwick have this well organized and just need a few more items to complete.

New Business:

We have received a $4000.00 grant from the Sage Environment Fund.

Eric Rafuse suggested we paint a sign on the back of the existing “Crescent Beach” sign saying, “Thank you for keeping the beach area clean”. Jean will talk to Ian Mc Crae about doing this work.

Peter Bell has talked to DNR and Ray Hardy about the condition of the beach access road at the far end of the beach. It is a quagmire from which Peter has pulled several vehicles after they became stuck while trying to drive through. Bruce Raymond has E-mailed a request for action by DNR on this and Paul Sampson has promised to research this and reply to Bruce.

Next meeting will be at Jean McHarg’s cottage on Wednesday, July 19.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Bob Fulleman, Secretary