Apr 2006


Meeting of April 19, 2006.

Present: Don Sedgwick, Jean McHarg, Peter Bell, Jim Sewell, Bruce Raymond, David Weagle, Andra White, Eric Rafuse.

Adoption of previous minutes –Motion to accept the minutes by David and seconded by Jim.

Business arising – Question by Bruce on the paintings in the hospital. The hospital wants 20% commission but it’s a great location. The board will go with trying the hospital with a stated price of unframed reproductions of $150.00 plus 20% commission to the hospital. We will also try to have reproductions available at the Petite and Broad Cove Fireman’s Breakfast.

Permanent toilets – DNR has stated that permanent toilets would not be in place until the next season. DNR would be responsible for pumping the toilets. Eric asked the question “who would clean the toilets in the winter?” Solution – lock the toilets in the winter. Also, John Nichols has concerns about the placement of these permanent toilets. Bruce will talk to Carroll Randall about the questions that have been put forth. Jean made a motion to hold off on any decision until John gets back and Bruce has spoken to Carroll Randall. The position of the board is that it is not our responsibility to deal with this – it is the responsibility of DNR.

Grass – popped out of beach. Lise Bell has said that the grass can be repaired and she has done so.

Car Spruce – Neiff was not here to discuss this matter. Neiff had been thinking of 2000 trees. Peter Bell feels that the spruce is not a good idea considering power lines. We will leave off further discussion until Neiff is at the next meeting.

Terry Humphry photos – Jim will look into this.

Memorial for Douglas Bell – We are thinking of a donation to the salmon project for the schools. Don has researched this project. The cost is approximately $1,500.00 for a tank of salmon. There are eggs in the tank so that children can see the process of salmon growth.

Treasurer’s report – Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

Events – Beach sweep is scheduled for June 3rd. Peter Bell said tide should be checked and Jim will address that matter.

Yard Sale – July 15th. We will do a membership drive on the same day.

Question of how we can raise more money for the board. Hasty notes? They are all out at the bakery and we’re not sure if we’ll order more. Andra will speak to Jesse about T-shirts.

Tom Daly gave us information about a sage program. A 2 paragraph presentation, presented mid-May, could give a grant of between $100,000.00 to $125,000.00 annually. This program gives out up to 2 grants per year. Eric asked what our project would be. Jean said 600 feet of armour rock.

Sedgewick – bird watching is big this year. Could there be funding available? He will check with Hirtle.

Membership – There are 300 families in our membership. Andra says that approximately half of the membership has not paid dues. Is there something more she/we could be doing to get dues in? Eric proposed that we raise the fees to $10.00 per person and $15.00 per family. Proposal accepted by the board if it is supported by the constitution. Jean thought a life time membership would be a good idea at a cost of $100.00. We will raise the issue at the AGM.

Newsletter – Don is in charge of the newsletter now. We are thinking of mid-June as the date for the next newsletter. Jean feels closer to the end of June might be a better idea because of summer events.

AGM – August 16th at the Petite Firehall. Peter Bell will see that it’s available.

Sperry Beach – Tom Daly says that they now have a legal opinion which they received mid-April. Cannot divulge the results until they have another meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 P.M. Next meeting – May 17th at the Fulleman house.

Respectfully submitted,
Andra White, Acting Secretary