Mar 2006


Minutes of Board Meeting, March 15, 2006

Members present: Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer, Burpee Meisner, Neiff Joseph and Bob Fulleman.

Guests present: Shawn Bradley and Don Sedgewick who are interested in helping with our newsletters. It was agreed that information would be gathered and given to them for assembly and publication.

Motion was made by Anne Greer and seconded by Bob Fulleman to accept the minutes of the February 15 Board meeting. Unanimously carried.

Reproductions of the Donald Pentz paintings are in hand and two are framed. These we will display for sale at a suitable venue. Neiff Joseph has checked with the Bridgewater hospital and found out they will allow us to display them in their gift shop and, if they sell, we would pay them a commission of probably 10%. Jim Sewell and Neiff will coordinate with the hospital to accomplish this.

Permanent toilet issue is alive and progressing. John Nichols has appearance concerns and it was agreed to involve him in the next meeting with DNR/TPW. The question was raised as to whether we need two units or if one will suffice. At least one unit should have a urinal in it. We thought one would be sufficient but that two might look better. It was suggested that we talk to people at Hirtle Beach about what, if any problems they have had with their units.

Burpee informed us that the grass we planted last year on the dunes has either raised up as a result of frost in the ground or sand has eroded from around it. Bruce will ask Lisa Bell what, if anything, should be done about it.

Anne Greer hasn’t been able to talk to Sally Steele (Lunenburg County Waste Coordinator) yet about trash education for cottage residents and tenants but will do so before our next meeting. There is a possibility that the RCMP would distribute notices about the proper disposal of trash when they inspect properties and leave notices of their inspection.

Jim Sewell has talked to photographer, Terry Humphries who is willing to provide some financial help to FOCB in the form of allowing us to copy and sell some of his pictures. We will ask Jim to pursue this and possibly invite him to one or our board meetings.

Coastal Coalition will be able to meet with Municipality people, air their concerns and try to get the Municipality involved in beach issues.

Neiff Joseph has spoken to several people who agree with him that “cat spruce” would be a good thing to plant on the dunes of Crescent Beach as a measure to build and retain the dunes. Neiff is willing to donate perhaps 2000 plants and we can have scouts and/or school students help to plant them.

Don Sedgewick is involved in several possible memorial projects in honor of Doug Bell, who passed away recently. Don will keep us informed and we agreed that we would donate some funds to the cause.

Don and Shawn were invited by the board to become members and they will discuss it to see which of them will serve.

Next board meeting will be at Fullemans’ hosted by Jean McHarg.

A copy of these minutes is to be sent to Don Sedgwick at His phone is 693-2026.

Meeting adjourned at 9:11 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Bob Fulleman, Secretary