Feb 2006

Minutes of Board meeting: February 15, 2006

Board members present: David Weagle, Jim Sewell, Jean McHarg, Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer and Bob Fulleman.

Special guest: Laura Barkhouse.

Chair, Bruce Raymond, called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM.

Secretary, Bob Fulleman, needs to add Bruce Raymond and David Weagle to His E-mail list so minutes are distributed to them as well as other board members. Jean McHarg moved and Jim Sewell seconded a motion to accept the minutes as amended. Carried.

Jean McHarg moved and Bob Fulleman seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report (copy attached). Carried.

Business arising from January minutes:

Fundraising: Reproductions of Donald Pentz’ paintings are ready for pick up at Atlantex and will be picked up by Bob Fulleman. As opposed to also doing lower quality reproductions of these paintings, it was thought we should probably do smaller units and keep the quality up while allowing for a lower price range. Laura Barkhouse expressed interest in these reproductions as something local government could use for gifts occasionally. A $150.00 donation has come in which, Jean McHarg suggested, could be used to start a “Rock Fund” to raise capital funds for acquiring more armour rock to help with sand dune build-up and retention. See attached for more on this. Moved by Bob Fulleman and seconded by Jean McHarg to create said fund with said donation with a suggested target of $15000.00 to be raised. This will provide an additional 300 feet of 4 foot high rock wall.

Jean McHarg had a meeting with Laura Barkhouse and Carrol Randall who thought we should be a little careful when dealing with DNR/DPW regarding the installation of permanent toilets. We want to make sure DNR is going to handle all maintenance, repairs and replacement of these units as necessary and that Risser’s Park people will service them during the summer when staff is in the area. We would agree to keep them supplied with toilet paper during the winter months. Bruce Raymond will contact DNR and let them know we are amenable to the installation of them under these conditions. These are tentatively to be installed across the road from the beach entrance, roughly where the existing pad is for the portable toilets.

Jean McHarg and Eric Rafuse will apply for a $1000.00 grant when they’re both back in town in April, 2006.

Bruce Raymond checked with DPW about the installation of signs regarding dune restoration and walkway use. The traffic department has yet to get back to his contact but, hopefully, will soon.

Bruce Raymond talked to Sally Steele, who is with the recycling center about an educational campaign we might conduct about the proper sorting and disposition of garbage. We’re especially concerned about cottages and their temporary residents and renters. Some have been using the beach facilities at which do dump their household garbage, which is unacceptable. She was helpful and said they could provide handouts for our use. Anne Greer will talk to Sharri Bush, who handles a lot of local rentals, about providing handouts for her use in educating her tenants. She’ll also talk to Craig Hubley about distribution of same.

Cory Aldous is looking for groups who would be interested in having her speak to them about salt marshes. Jim Sewell will ask her to speak at our AGM in August, 2006.

Dates set: 2006 AGM will be August 16.
Garage sale will be July 15.
Beach sweep will be June 3.

Next board meeting will be at Anne Greer’s house on March 15, 2006 at 7:15 PM

Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Fulleman, Secretary.