Nov 2005


Friends of Crescent Beach and Green Bay Society
Minutes of Board Meeting, November 16, 2005

Board Members present: Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer, Jim Sewell,
Bob Fulleman, David Weagle, Andra White, Gordon Whynacht, Neiff Joseph.

Chair Bruce Raymond called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.

Moved (Anne Greer) seconded (Jean McHarg) and passed to adopt minutes of October meeting as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer reported $2,533.74 bank balance with all bills paid. There should be approximately $5,600 coming to us from ACOA. Additional ACOA funds may be available in May 2006 if other grantees cannot use all their funds. Moved (Jean McHarg) Seconded (Andra White) to accept treasurer’s report.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Pleasantville Signs can produce beach signage for approximately $50 each. One color on white aluminium, size 18 x 24. Neiff Joseph suggested that Norman Wade Co. in Halifax might quote on signs also. David Weagle suggested that large signs at each end of the beach saying, “Dune Restoration in Progress, please use the walkways”, and signs at the walkways showing the locations. Jean McHarg will get more information on 2 signs – 18 x 12” Walkway signs and 1 sign 18 x 24 Dune Restoration sign.
2. Jim Sewell has ordered prints from Atlantex, which we should have next week. Jean McHarg can pick these up. Jim will ask Atlantex for framing and/or displaying ideas.
3. E-mails re Coastal Coalition sent to all Board members by Anne Greer did not go through.
4. Newsletter: Jim Sewell will research Pictures of the Atlantex prints for inclusion in the newsletter. Jean McHarg suggested that we direct people to our web site to view the prints instead of printing them.
The one page Sperry’s Beach report submitted requires editing to shorten and to eliminate politicians names. Anne Greer agreed to give a brief synopsis of the committee’s progress.
Jim Sewell distributed drafts of newsletter and asked all board members to proof read and convey changes/corrections to him by Sunday night November 20.
Because newsletter goes at an unaddressed bulk rate we cannot include any specific reference to money owed by specific members such as including an invoice. Therefore we need to send out notices to people who have not paid dues.

Membership: Membership same as previous

1. Jean McHarg reported that Laura Barkhouse feels that the NS Dept Of Tourism would contribute to the production of the Don Pentz nature booklets. We are in receipt of a letter (addressed to Neiff Joseph) from DNR stating that we cannot reproduce these booklets as the province of NS holds the copyright. Neiff Joseph will contact Dr. Delorey, Minister of Natural Resources at the time these booklets were originally published, seeking his permission to reproduce. Jean McHarg will photocopy the booklets to provide a working copy for David Weagle to edit.
2. Following a discussion on new T shirts with new artwork showing birds, it was agreed that Jean McHarg will order 24 shirts using existing standard off-white artwork on blue shirts and burgundy shirts.

Other Business:

Volunteer Extravaganza at the Bridgewater High School on Saturday, November 19 at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.. We can late-register November 17. The treasurer offered to have Friends pay the $10 fee for Bruce Raymond to attend.

Bruce Raymond will arrange for us to be listed on the Municipality’s list of volunteer organizations.

Queens Municipality has distributed the first draft of a Municipal Planning Strategy which is available on-line and in Queens County Post offices.
Doug Bell is at Happy Haven and can be visited.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm until…
Next Board Meeting, Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 7:15 p.m. at Bob Fulleman’s.