Oct 2005


Friends of Crescent Beach and Green Bay Society
Minutes of Board Meeting, October 19, 2005

Board Members present: Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer, John Nichols, Jim Sewell,
Bob Fulleman, David Weagle. Excused: Burpee Meisner, Andra White

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bruce Raymond at 7:15 pm.

Moved (John Nichols) seconded (Jean McHarg) and passed to adopt minutes of August 7 meeting as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance $14,807.49. Invoice from Lise Bell has been submitted to Laura Barkhouse for $1500 as well as an “in kind” contribution invoice so that we can be reimbursed by ACOA. Laura has agreed to submit an invoice for Greg Corkum rock work before work is actually completed if necessary. She is requesting an extension to the ACOA grant but has not heard if she will get it. Moved (Jean McHarg) Seconded (David Weagle) to accept treasurer’s report.

Moved (Anne Greer, seconded (Jim Sewell) to pay membership dues in the NS Nature Trust for the up-coming year.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Most graffiti on rocks has apparently been covered by sand. Regular walkers will monitor and advise Bob Fulleman.
2. LaHave Islands Bridge. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Jim Sewell) and carried - Bob Fulleman will write letter asking that we be kept informed.
3. Bob Fulleman will talk to Greg Corkum re repairing walkways when roads are open in the spring. Greg will do the rock work ASAP. (300 feet of 4 foot high rock wall at a cost not to exceed $12,500).
4. Anne Greer reported that LaHave Islands Beach sweep was successful and that almost all trash collected was washed ashore and not left by campers. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Bob Fulleman) and carried to reimburse Anne Greer for $45.25 for gas for boat..
5. Jim Sewell reported that Crescent Beach clean-up and planting was successful with about 18 children participating. Bob Fulleman will write Lise Bell thank-you letter. The Bulletin dropped the ball and neglected to mention Lise’s contribution. Bob Fulleman will write Bulletin re acknowledging Lise Bell and correcting the planting of 115 rose bushes and not 15 rose bushes as reported.

New Business:
1. Discussion re producing an informational brochure and have kids distribute door-to-door to the entire area. Brochure designed to educate people and tenants about NS recycling rules. This can be part of our discussion with DNR in January.
2. Jean McHarg addressed the issue of making signs regarding where to walk and not walk. Jean will research this and report at next meeting.

Membership: Membership same as previous

Fundraising: Atlantex has agreed to lower their minimums to 5 instead of 10-25 for different prints. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (John Nichols) passed to order up to $1200 on prints and posters.

Newsletter: Should go out in November. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Bob Fulleman) and passed.


• Letter to be written to PharmaSave requesting beach doggie bags.
• DFO is conducting committee workshops; however, topics are essentially offshore concerns and beyond our scope.
• Anne Greer says Coastal Coalition is concerned with Barrington area proposal to allow development in beach area. Anne will send information to Board members so we can agree or not to have Friends of Crescent Beach name used in a letter of support for opposition to Barrington’s proposal. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (David Weagle) and carried that if 5 members of our board respond positively to Anne, she will advise Coastal Coaltion that FOCB will be part of their letter of opposition.
• Thanks expressed to Bob Fulleman and Peter Bell for removing signs and closing down trash bins.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08 pm until …

Next FOCB Board Meeting Wednesday, November 16 at 7:15 pm at Anne Greer’s.