Sept 2005


Friends of Crescent Beach and Green Bay Society
Minutes of Board Meeting, September 7, 2005

Board Members present: Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Burpee Meisner, Bruce Raymond, Anne Greer, John Nichols, Jim Sewell,
Bob Fulleman, Gordon Whynacht, David Weagle.

Election of Officers
Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Anne Greer) and passed to elect officers for the year 2005-2006: Chair – Bruce Raymond, Secretary – Bob Fulleman, Treasurer – Jean McHarg, Vice President – John Nichols, Vice President – Burpee Meisner.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bruce Raymond.

Moved (John Nichols) seconded (Jean McHarg) to adopt minutes of August 7 meeting.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Most graffiti on rocks has been removed. Bob Fulleman will remove more.
2. Letter has gone to Carolyn Bolivar-Getson re beach road – no response to date. Bob Fulleman has sent a reminder via email.
3. Beach garbage bins are being emptied. Next year we should consider “Beach Garbage Only” signs.
4. Greg Corkum has indicated that beach walkways will be rebuilt this week (by September 9).
5. Anne Greer and Jim Sewell will coordinate volunteers for beach clean-up and grass planting on September 23 at 9:00 a.m. – Lise Bell and students and parents of Grades 5 and 6 at Petite Elementary School.
6. Eric Rafuse reported that 300 feet of 4 foot high rock wall could be done for $12,500. Greg Corkum can do this before year end, probably in November. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Jim Sewell) and passed to proceed with Bob Fulleman and Eric Rafuse to supervise this work.

Treasurer’s Report: No report, no change from last month.

Order of the Starfish has been presented to Doug Bell. Congratulations to Jean McHarg for facilitating

Membership checks are coming in. Seven new members this period for a total of 299 families.


Jean McHarg will ask Pete West whom to contact at PharmaSave for beach doggie bags.

People have camped and had fires on Crescent Beach and signs should be placed to prohibit this. We should converse and liaise with DNR regarding this and contact a particular person. Bob Fulleman to write Brian Gilbert, Deputy Minister, DNR suggesting we meet in January to discuss some issues.

We will discuss publishing Don Pentz’s books at the October meeting. Jim Sewell will talk to Don Pentz.

Anne Greer is organizing a Cape LaHave beach clean-up for Sept 16 and/or 17.

Bruce Raymond will coordinate a special meeting of the board on November 5 for a presentation by Chris Gill on Cape LaHave Island. Don Downe will be invited to this meeting.

The board welcomed David Weagle as a new board member.

Eric Rafuse and Bob Fulleman will remove signs on trash bins at beach after Thanksgiving.

Jim Sewell will ask Don Pentz for his notes from his presentation at the AGM for inclusion in the newsletter.

Print sales are not going well. Jim Sewell will talk to Atlantex regarding a less expensive print.

Should establish a specific meeting date – specifically the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:15 p.m. The next meeting is October 19. November meeting is November 16th. No meeting in December.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm until ………….

Next FOCB Board Meeting Wednesday, October 19 at 7:15 p.m. Location TBD