Aug 2005


Friends of Crescent Beach and Green Bay Society
Minutes of Board Meeting, August 10, 2005

Chair Bruce Raymond called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Board Members present: Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Andra White, John Nichols, Neiff Joseph, Jim Sewell and Bob Fulleman.

Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (John Nichols) and passed to adopt minutes of Board meeting of July 13, 2005.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Graffiti on rocks needs generator and wire wheel to remove. Bob Fulleman will do this.
2. Letter has gone to Carolyn Bolivar-Getson re beach road no response to date.
3. Beach garbage bins are being emptied, under duress. However, there are green bags in recycling bins so we wonder if everything is going to garbage. Bruce Raymond will contact Sally Steele.
4. Greg Corkum can rebuild walkways for $450. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Jim Sewell) and carried to proceed with this.
5. AGM is August 17 at 7:00 p.m. at Petite Fire Hall. There should be an announcement at this meeting re cottagers using beach trash bins. Cottagers need to be educated that beach trash bins are not for them. Perhaps students could go door-to-door next year to educate.
6. Lise Bell will do grass planting and will charge wholesale price and no labour. She would like to use Grade 6 students on planting and beach sweep.
7. Eric Rafuse will ask Greg Corkum how much retaining wall we can get for $12,500.00

Financial Report approved as submitted (Jean need copy for details)

Membership checks are coming in. To date we have 292 families.


Neiff Joseph was advised by DNR that we cannot have artwork for reprinting their publications. However, we can use the material with some changes, which Don Pentz will do for us. The next Board will discuss this.

We need to develop a marketing strategy.

TD Bank is interested in supporting beach clean-up in the fall. Perhaps we could use Grade 6 students from Petite school on Friday Sept. 16. Anne Greer suggested we do clean-up of Cape LaHave Island. Perhaps Bridgewater Boy Scouts could help on Crescent Beach. Jim Sewell will register Friends with TD Bank. Sigh-up sheet to be at AGM and Jim Sewell will address the meeting re this clean-up.

Order of the Star Fish will be presented to Doug Bell at AGM. Jean McHarg will handle this. John Nichols will make presentation. Neiff Joseph will arrange for publicity for AGM.

Chris Gill would like to have Cape LaHave Island put under the Wilderness Act. Bruce Raymond will invite Chris to our next Board meeting to explain the ramifications.

Board nominations: Burpee Meisner, Gordon Whynacht to remain, new members David Weagle, and (perhaps) Glennie Gordon of Voglers Cove. Ask at the AGM for volunteers to serve on committees or assist with projects as needed.

Speaker at the AGM will be Don Pentz. Andra White will get a bottle of wine as gift for speaker.

Lise Bell asks that we become involved in petitioning the Dept of Transportation to not replace the bridge to Bush Island. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (John Nichols) and carried that secretary Bob Fulleman writes Dept of Transport to ask if they are planning a 2 lane bridge

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm until .

Next FOCB Board Meeting to be decided.