June 2005


Minutes of Board Meeting, June 15, 2005

Chair Bruce Raymond called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Board Members present: Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Neiff Joseph.
Guest Present: Friends Members David and Allison Weagle, Mary Fulleman
Regrets: Andra White, Burpee Meisner, Doug Bell, John Nichols, Jim Sewell

Moved (Jean McHarg), seconded (Neiff Joseph) to adopt minutes of Board meeting of May 18, 2005, as corrected.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Discussion re rocks from Neiff Joseph. Consensus is that transportation costs are too high
2. There is much recent graffiti on rocks. This can be removed with a grinder and wire brush, which will require a generator. Neiff Joseph and Bob Fulleman should be able to do this. Upon further discussion it was decided that Neiff could handle this on Saturday June 18.
3. Bob Fulleman to write letter to Carolyn Bolivar-Getson re repairs to roadway.
4. Beach Sweep was successful; however, trash has not yet been picked up. Bruce Raymond will follow-up if trash not picked up this Thursday (June 16).
5. Locks on garbage bins are needed. Both bins should be the same. Bob Fulleman to cut off old lock, Neiff Joseph can provide locks.
6. Interpretive signs. Both signs are now installed. One complaint re sign on marsh & birds…three facts are wrong. Consensus is that nothing can be done about it now.
7. Yard Sale – not very many donations to date. Sale is 9 to 4; chair Bruce Raymond will email all board members. (Bruce will also ask Jim Sewell to send only Microsoft Word docs in future as attachments to board members as few, if any board members can open anything other than Word docs.)
8. Fundraising – Jean McHarg will attach “notes” to both interpretive signs regarding ordering prints; contact is Jim Sewell. Jean will also handle publicity in Bridgewater Bulletin re sale of prints.
9. Walkways – Bob Fulleman and Greg Corkum are looking at ways to repair. Signs for walkways – we will research wordage from other beach areas. There is no immediate need for signs until the walkways are repaired.

Annual General Meeting – set for Petite Fire Hall, Wednesday, August 17, 2005. Bruce Raymond will follow-up with Hall to make sure it is reserved. (Bruce please note – date in May minutes of August 20 was incorrect, newsletter date is correct.)

Financial Report: Deposits: $130 donations, $60 member renewals received as a result of newsletter. Treasurers report

New Business
1. As reported by Eric Rafuse, the Municipality budget has been approved as of June 14, 2005 and Friends grant request of $8,694 was approved.
2. There is approximately $9,000 remaining in the ACOA account, which MUST be spent by year-end, meaning that we need a project. Discussion re requesting more (free) logs from Bowater and we pay the shipping, and store logs at the same place we did before. (Who is following up on this? Is it Eric?)
3. Discussion re dropping additional armour rock behind the crib work near the head of the beach – possibly smaller rock, as smaller rock will collect sand better. The dunes have developed but more support is needed. Neiff Joseph suggests encasing rock in wire mesh cages for even better results. (Who is following up on this? Is it Eric?)
4. We should let Lise Bell know that money is available as she said she would look for grasses to plant on dunes. (Who is following up on this? Is it Eric?)

Sperry’s Beach: The Indian Burial Grounds issue has been resolved.

Friends of Rissers Beach Society as proposed by DNR has been around a long time and gives little, if any opportunity for Friends to take any initiatives regarding the Park. Upon review of the proposal as reported by Bruce Raymond, consensus is that we do nothing at this time.

Discussion re reviving the small booklets that were produced by DNR when Rissers Park opened. Brian Gilbert, a deputy minister of DNR, could probably help obtain approvals to reprint these booklets. Neiff Joseph will follow-up with Brian Gilbert to a) get the rights to reprint, and b) obtain any printing materials that might be available.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm until ………….

Next FOCB Board Meeting 7:15 PM Wednesday July 13 ,2005 at Jean McHarg’s cottage