May 2005


Friends of Crescent Beach and Green Bay Society
Minutes of Board Meeting, May 18, 2005

Chair Bruce Raymond called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.

Board Members present: Peter Bell, Bob Fulleman, Jean McHarg, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Jim Sewell, Gordon Whynacht.
Guest Present: Friends Member David Weagle
Regrets: Neiff Joseph, Anne Greer, Andra White, Burpee Meisner, Dough Bell, Pete West

Moved (Jean McHarg), seconded (Peter Bell) to adopt minutes of Board meeting of April 20, 2005.

Business Arising from the Minutes:
1. Crib repair has been completed by Branch Tree Nursery for a total cost of $11,370.11 including tax. Discussion: Post delivery of nearly cost of posts was raised and OK’d with Brach Tree. Neiff Joseph has offered armour rock free-of-charge for beach walkways. Discussion: Possibility of Neiff Joseph sharing the cost of transporting rock to Crescent Beach. Cost of transporting could be prohibitive so at the moment we will decline the offer pending more information on transport.
2. Secretary Bob Fulleman will write letter to Carolyn Bolivar-Getson re repair of beach road and shoulder.
3. President Bruce Raymond will contact Paul Sampson re replacing guard posts that were damaged by snow-plow and if DOT will at the same time replace a few other damaged posts.

Committee Reports:
Fundraising –
1. Jim Sewell will contact Gordon Prince to put Donald Pentz art on the web site, including an order form. An order form will also be included in the upcoming newsletter. Two prints, Dunes and Marsh, will be offered this year (one for 2004, one for 2005) with the third print offered in 2006. Tee shirts will also be offered in Newsletter. Jim Sewell will get the tee shirts from Burpee and Jim will handle the sale on tee shirts. If additional shirts need to be ordered perhaps we will change color and/or style.
2. David and Allison Weagle will host yard sale at their home, 5077 Rte 331 on June 18, 9 am to 4 pm, date coincides with Petite Fireman’s Breakfast (rain date June 25). Bob Fulleman and David will determine how many spaces we can sell at $10 per space. Jean McHarg will work with Andra White to prepare posters for Fire Hall, Crescent General Store and other local locations. Volunteers needed for pricing and to work on the 10th and 11th.
Beach Sweep – scheduled for June 4. Jean will prepare posters and handle publicity in local papers and CKBW.
Crescent Beach -
1. Interpretive Signs – Bird/Marsh panel will be ready for pick-up by May 20 and Jean will arrange with Atlantex to pick it up. Bob and Eric will then install both signs.
2. Walkway signs – Wording needs to be determined. A) designating where the walkway is, and b) “stay off the dunes”. Walkways also need to be repaired. Bob will look at walkways and contact Greg Corkum to discuss repair.
3. Rose planting went well and plants should be monitored. A thank you will be sent to Lise Bell and Petite elementary school. Lise Bell is also looking into beach grasses for the dunes.
4. Garbage/recycling bins will be opened by DNR. Sally Steele will arrange for sign installation and garbage pick up. Toilets will not be in place until June 20. Bruce Raymond will talk to Rissers staff re bags.

Membership: Jim Sewell will contact Burpee Meisner regarding dues owed so that red dots can be used on newsletter.

Annual General Meeting – set for Petite Fire Hall, Saturday, August 20, 2005.

Financial Report: Deposits: $0.00, expenses$7,000, balance on hand - $6115.54. Moved Jean McHarg, seconded Bob Fulleman to accept treasurers report.

Sperry’s Beach: The fence has been cut down and re-installed and the controversy continues.

Friends of Rissers Beach Society has been proposed by DNR. Bruce Raymond will obtain a copy of the proposal and will take a position at the next board meeting. Peter Bell suggested we bring this up at the Annual General Meeting in August and ask the general Friends membership if we should be involved in that entity.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm

Next FOCB Board Meeting 7:15 PM Wednesday June 15, 2005 at Fulleman’s

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Fulleman, Secretary