Apr 2005



Present: Anne Greer, Andra White, Jean McHarg, Jim Sewell, Peter Bell, Bruce Raymond, Burpee Meisner

Meeting called to order at 7:25 P.M.

Motion made by Jim Sewell to accept the minutes of March 16th meeting. Seconded by Peter Bell.

Business Arising:
1. Crib repair and dune clean up: Branch Tree Nursery will be contacted to repair further damage with a cap of $10,000.00. The amount cannot be higher because the treasurer is concerned about possible cash flow difficulties.

2. Offer of rock: Neiff Joseph has rock possibly suitable for armour rock use. While armour rock use behind the crib work would help slow down the loss of sand, the cost of moving rock is likely to be prohibitive. Motion made by Bruce Raymond to request that Dept. of Transportation fill hole or breach with armour rock. Seconded by Jean McHarg.

3. Storm damage to highway: A letter will be drafted to Carolyn-Bolivar Getson re: damage as nothing has been done yet.

4. Fund Raising:

  • Prints: Jim Sewell reports that information and images about the prints would soon be loaded on the web site. There was a question about whether all prints should be ordered in one year or one a year. Jim said he would look into this and find out whether it was to be all in one year. Jean feels one a year might be a better option. Anne suggested that the first print represent 2004, the second 2005, and the third 2006 would allow the printing of two prints this year, if numbers warrant.
  • Yard sale: June 11th is the date for the yard sale. A membership drive will take place at that time. Alison and David Weagle’s have offered their property as the location for the yard sale and tables will be $5.00 per space on a bring your own table basis. Jean will do up posters and an ad will go in the paper. Andra will check with Russ to see if he has a place where we can store items that are dropped off in advance of yard sale. Andra and Jean will be involved in pricing, arranging pick ups, drop offs, and Peter has offered to pick up heavier objects in his truck.

5. Beach sweep: Jean needs more people involved this year and would like to see more children. Andra suggested that we have a notice put into the Petite and Pentz newsletters.

6. Signs:

  • Bird panels: Jim Sewell brought in a template of the new interpretive panel and, after revisions, it is now being sent to print. Both signs will be installed sometime around May 15th.
  • Walkover signs: Pleasantville Signs will do 8 inch signs showing the walkover but in the meantime, Neiff Joseph has offered some sandstone that might be made into signs. Bruce will look into this further.

7. Rose planting project: Lise Bell has scheduled the rose planting for April 22nd with the help of volunteers and children from Petite Elementary. She has ordered 115 bushes @ $7.50 a bush from Blomidon. They will be planted in various locations. She is concerned about getting the roses watered. We are hoping that the fire department will help here. Rain is scheduled for the weekend following the planting so we have some time. Bruce will contact Keith of Lighthouse Publishing to do a story on the planting.

8. Newsletter: Jim Sewell is working on the newsletter to go out toward the end of May. He requests input from the Board. Burpee proposed that we put the red dot on the newsletter for those with outstanding dues as it was effective last year. This will depend on whether the newsletter goes out as a general mailing or not.

9. AGM: The Annual General Meeting will be held on August 17th @ 7:30 P.M. Peter will book the fire hall.


Treasurer’s report – The balance remains at $12,966.30.

Sperry’s Beach: Anne reported that a letter dated March 24th was received by the committee from Minister Hurlburt saying the Department of Natural Resources’ position has not been altered. The committee recognizes that discrepancies are still outstanding. Ministers Hurlburt and Morash have agreed to a meeting between themselves with their lawyers and the committee with legal council.

Membership remains at 560 members with no change since the last meeting.

New Business:

Burpee made a motion we send a letter of appreciation with respect to the boardwalk. Seconded by Jim. Bob Fulleman will write the letter on behalf of the board.

Future direction will be discussed in a separate meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 P.M. Next meeting May 18th.