Oct 2004


MINUTES OF THE MEETING of October 6, 2004

Judge John Nichols called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

Board Members present: Peter Bell, Bob Fulleman, Anne Greer, Jean McHarg, Burpee Meisner, John Nichols, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Pete West and Andra White.

Board Members absent: Harold Adams, Doug Bell, Neiff Joseph, Jim Sewell.

Moved (Bruce Raymond), seconded (Jean McHarg) to adopt minutes of Board meeting of August 11, 2004.

Old Business:
1. Bruce Raymond has talked to Canada World Youth and we can have 18 people on Oct. 14 for beach work. We will need a truck to transport scrap wood to recycling center. Seaweed can be moved to rocky areas to collect sand. Need tools and wheelbarrows, truck etc for seaweed moving. Laura Barkhouse may be able to get municipal truck to haul wood. Pete West will ask Home Hardware for gloves for workers.
2. Laura Barkhouse can put out request for expression of interest for crib repair. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Anne Greer) to place this in paper with 2 weeks to respond. Jim Sewell has expressed concern about the money we have and have not spent to date. Grant money must be spent by March 2005. We have no definite word when additional rock for back beach will be placed.

Financial Report: Deposits: $______, expenses $________, Balance on hand - $_______. Moved (Jean McHarg), seconded (Burpee Meisner) that Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. (Jean will provide this info for minutes)

Election of Officers:
Moved (Burpee Meisner) seconded (Bruce Raymond) that the following slate of officers be elected. Motion passed.

Chair Bruce Raymond
1st Vice Chair Burpee Meisner
2nd Vice Chair John Nichols
Secretary Bob Fulleman
Interim Secretary Andra White
Treasurer Jean McHarg
Interim Treasurer Eric Rafuse
Committee Chairs:
Membership Burpee Meisner
Fundraising Jim Sewell

Membership: Chair Burpee Meisner reported that membership stands at 575 members at present, reflecting an increase of 25 new members.

Fundraising: Discussion held in chair Jim Sewell’s absence: Jean McHarg suggested displaying the original paintings that Don Pentz did at Joy of Antiques. We have 5 orders in hand, need 10 to produce. Moved (Anne Greer) seconded (Bob Fulleman) to limit production to 200 of any individual painting in the series and leave it to chair Jim Sewell to plan the marketing. Motion passed.

Sperry’s Beach: FOCB Treasurer Jean McHarg reported that Sperry’s Beach bank account now has $420 in deposits. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Anne Greer) to adopt report. Passed. Anne Greer reported that the Sperry’s Beach Committee has met with 3 NS ministers and requested an Order in Council. There is no response of any substance to date.

Beach Projects:
1. Question was raised as to how drawings of the birds should be placed on the 2 remaining paintings for the interpretive sign at the back of the beach. Suggestion: circles with arrows pointing to where this bird can best be seen. Andra White and Jim Sewell to design sign with appropriate descriptive verbiage.

2. Memo of Understanding re recycling and trash was reviewed. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Burpee Meisner) that we sign and return this memo. Passed.

3. Eric Rafuse and Bob Fulleman will deal with Greg Corkum re walkways over the beach.

Coastal Coalition/Kingsburg Beach: Discussion: Pressure the NS government to review the beaches act and enact legislation for beach protection. Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Eric Rafuse) that we establish a link from our website to Coastal Coalition website. Motion passed. (who is contacting Gordon Prince to do this)
Moved (Jean McHarg) seconded (Peter Bell) to allocate $200 for coastal coalition conference expense. Passed.
Anne Greer will produce a newsletter including news of the coastal coalition conference and Kingsburg Beach issue, and also news of beach walkways, garbage cans and announcing 2004-05 officers and board members. Mary Fulleman will edit Kingsburg Beach paper for inclusion in newsletter.

Order of the Starfish: Nominations were made for new recipient. Chris Gill’s Starfish will be delivered at the next Board Meeting. Peter West suggested Order of the Blue Heron and he will bring a sample to next meeting.

A schedule of board meetings for the balance of the 2004-05 year will be set up at the next board meeting. Suggestion is the second Wednesday of each month at 7:15 PM. Board Members should check their calendars to ensure there is not a conflict.

Next FOCB Board Meeting 7:15 PM Wednesday November 10, 2004, at Fulleman’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Fulleman, Secretary