Apr 2004



Present: Eric, Jean, Bruce, Neiff, Peter, John, Douglas, Andra, Burpee, Gordon W., Harold
Guest: Karen Dempsey

John Nichols called the meeting to order at 12:15 P.M.

Motion to adopt the minutes of the meeting of March 4, 2004 seconded by Jean.

Treasurer's Report. After payment of bills to Don Pentz and receiving grants from - Dept of Tourism $945.60 and ACOA $2,083.11 there is a the bank balance of $13,087.22. Jean made a motion to pay $4,686.25 to Don Pentz for the panels. Motion seconded by Neiff. Motion carried.

Signs: A faxed quote has been received from from Atlantex for two signs at the beach. Total is $5,668.35 including HST less an ACOA rebate of $2,207.30 leaving our cost at $3,461.05. After written approval, the signs would take four weeks to deliver and there is a delivery charge of $247.00. Eric said that we should forego the delivery charge and pick the signs up ourselves and Burpee volunteered to pick them up.

Bruce made a motion to buy two signs and the motion was seconded by Jean. Discussion on the motion ensued. Burpee is hesitant about two signs at this time. Feels that it would deplete our bank account. Bruce provided a spread sheet showing projected costs of projects vs total resources. Jean agreed that too much money going into signage and not enough into crib work. Big problem - members would be upset.

Motion amended made by Bruce - One sign instead of two right now because of budget constraints. We should use as much of the money assigned to the panels by the tourism grant as possible. The motion was seconded by Burpee. Motion Passed

Discussion followed on which sign would be best. Which sign to choose? Should be the sign with the history of Crescent Beach, information on the beach, etc., which was to be placed at the front of the beach. The signage for birds (which would be installed further down the beach) will come later. John suggested that when we confirm with Atlantex the purchase of the beach scene, that we ask for a two year hold on the estimate given for the bird scene. Through consensus it was decided that the beach scene at the front of the beach would be the first one erected.

Jean has concerns about leaving the signs out all year and feels they must be brought in for the winter and therefore must be removable. John will send a letter telling Atlantex that we want the one sign with the beach scene and Jim will be the person to follow up on the delivery.. Atlantex requires 30% up front, which will be sent with the letter and we will ask to see proofs.

Risser's Beach Boardwalk: Karen Dempsey was present at the meeting to inform us that Carolyn Bolivar-Getson has called a meeting at Risser's Beach on Tuesday morning, April 6th at 9:00 A.M. Karen felt it advisable to have four members present at this meeting. The Yarmouth Minister of Natural Resources will be in attendance. Burpee, Eric, Bruce and Douglas volunteered to be there. Karen suggested that Burpee bring the petitions with him at that time.

Jean made a motion to re-do the signs on the garbage cans at the beach as they have faded over time. Jean will speak to Pete regarding the reproduction of new signs on the boxes. The cost is not to exceed $150.00. Motion seconded by Burpee. Motion passed. Burpee will help in the removal of the outside boxes.

Bruce wants people to start keeping track of their hours - separating administrative hours from hours spent on special projects.

Burpee - calling for dues was successful. We now have 283 families and a total of 552 members. Burpee is going to remove the names on the list of people who haven't paid in a few years. The petition for Risser's Beach was also successful with 514 names on the petition.

Harold strongly suggests that the board look at liability insurance.

New business: Bruce has a poster from a local summertime artist Dan Irwin which has been produced as a fund raiser for the 2004 Committee. The poster is entitled Views of Cape LaHave. The 2004 committee will sell them to us for $5.00 and suggests that we charge $10.00 and keep the proceeds for Friends of Crescent Beach. Jean feels we could sell some. Burpee suggested bringing 20 over on a consignment basis. Bruce will order 20 or 25.

Discussion followed on the Cribwork. There is a possibility that the Flight Engineers may help us out but we have no firm commitment to date. Bruce moved that DOT be contacted and asked to start work to the value of $10,000. Jean seconded . Motion carried. Bruce will be the person to contact and work with DOT on this project.

Beach sweep tentatively scheduled for May 29th, 2004

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

Next meeting May 18th at Bob and Mary's place - 7:00 P.M.