Mar 2004


MINUTES OF THE MEETING of March 15, 2004, at the home of Anne Greer.

Burpee Meisner called the meeting to order at 7:30 in the absence of Chair John Nichols. The following members were present: Jean McHarg, Anne Greer, Eric Rafuse, and Bruce Raymond . Karen Dempsey attended as a guest of the Board. There being no quorum this meeting was understood to be an informal discussion of information received.

The minutes of the previous meeting held February 7th have been sent by Andra White to Gordon Prince to be place on the web site.

The Treasurer Jean McHarg reported that there is a balance of $9,761.00 in the bank, 945.00 to be received from Dept of Tourism and approximately 3000.00 in ACOA grants to be received and banked. The latter is the refund from the Don Pentz bills that have been paid.

Karen Dempsey asked to speak to the board concerning some points of interest, which have come to her attention as municipal counselor for the region:

1) Rissers Beach Board Walk: Rumours persist that the boardwalk could be removed from the provincial park. Carolyn Bolivar Getson is trying to arrange a meeting of her, Kerry Morash, MLA for Queens, Minister of Natural Resources Richard Hurlburt, Karen Dempsey and some representatives of Friends at Rissers some afternoon soon. The goal will be to show the minister the boardwalk and underline to him its value to the community and the visitors to Rissers Beach. Everyone present agreed that they, if available on the set day would be present. Karen will inform us of the date of the meeting. She circulated a letter sent by Dominick and Eleanor Williams of Crousetown to the minister, the premier and the MLAs listed above. (Following the meeting, after telephone consultation among members it was seceded to circulate a petition to “save the boardwalk” so as to have facts to present at any future meetings regarding Rissers boardwalk.)

2) Sperry's Beach: Karen reported that Carolyn Bolivar Getson is also interested in Sperry's Beach. The Municipality has identified it as a place to be preserved for local use as requested at the meeting held last spring in Petite when residents were asked to indicate places in their neighbourhoods that should be preserved. We will be hearing more about this issue at up coming meetings.

3) Cape LaHave Island: Karen also asked that we consider ways to encourage the municipality to insure that Cape LaHave Island remains protected common lands for the general use of the local public. A discussion ensued with no conclusions reached.

Bruce Raymond reported on the meeting with Laura Barkhouse, Carrol Randall, Eric Rafuse, Jean and himself:

1) We have $26,000 remaining in our ACOA allotment. Therefore we must spend $40,000 to use it up

2) Laura will make application on our behalf for NS Youth Conservation Corps members to be stationed at the beach this summer. They could perhaps assist with rose planting and educate beach users. She will also see if the Air Force Flight Engineering Group could undertake the repair of the cribwork. If we could use either of these groups we will be able to file for ACOA grant money against their labour.

3) Re walkways over the dunes. It was stressed that the way to do this is “no Maintenance” sand and rocks properly placed with small signs encourage proper use of the walkways provided.

4) An estimate of volunteer hours spent on this project needs to be made. In some cases this can help to assist in raising the ACOA funding percentage

5) General discussion on the Municipality’s Open Space plan. Friends is named under the Sperry’s Beach and Bush Island Boat Launch

6) Carroll noted that the description of uses of Cape LaHave Island needs upgrading to make it more relevant to the modern world without changing the actual use of the area.

Eric Rafuse reported on the Action Plan Budget. Due to the lack of quorum no motions could be made. It is imperative that we get some motions on the books by early April so that we can organize work to begin. Our first priority should be Hurricane damage clean up and repair, then erecting the signs and finally planting rose bushes, perhaps just a test site. Jean reported that she was looking for prices of rose bushes and that we needed a means of watering them morning and night to have them get a good start. Jim Sewell has submitted a request for funding to the Hurricane Juan Fund.

Burpee Meisner reported that memberships are coming in every day thanks to the phone calls made by board members and him. There will be some names that should be deleted from the list later in the year. Some people have paid a few years in advance.

Anne Greer circulated the text that will appear on the signs. Atlantex will produce two signs each 3’x4’. The Artwork has all gone to Atlantex. Discussion ensued regarding how and where the signs should be erected. General consensus was that one should be near the Crescent Beach Sign at the "beginning of the Beach" while the other would be best at the Last "layover" at the far end of the beach. This would place it in a position where people could stop and read it but it would not be as easily vandalized as if it were at the very end of the beach near the entrance at that end. Decisions about where and how to place the signs will be made at the next meeting.

Jean reported that she had received a quote from Rofhie’s to print new Tee Shirts if we order 48 they will cost us $6.95 plus tax. This is a better price than previously because we will order a larger number in the initial run. Decisions regarding what artwork to use will be discussed a later meeting. Other ways to use the artwork in fund raising were discussed briefly.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday April 7th…members will be notified by phone in the hopes that we can achieve a quorum.