Feb 2004


* * * DRAFT MINUTES * * * OF THE MEETING of February 11, 2004

Chairman: Jim Sewell

Present: Bruce, Anne, Douglas Bell, Andra, Linda
Absent: Anne Greer, Harold Adams, John Nichols, Jean McHarg,  Neiff Joseph, Bob Fulleman, Gordon Prince and Gordon Whynacht

Conducted by Linda. Minutes distributed by Linda.

Discussed e-mail from John Nichols re Crown Land. If we post signs, we must be aware that it's not on private land.

Signage - 2 panels. Don Pentz came down in price to $1,100.00 per panel. (Birds are in addition at $125.00 each) He has received approval to go ahead and he has already completed one panel.

Membership phone calls. Linda got another renewal as did Linda. Three or more said they would send along. Bruce sent a few e-mails and left messages. Andra got three who said they would send money.

Anne has written an interpretive for the sign approximately 250 words (we are allowed 350-500 words) We felt it looked good aside from a change Douglas suggested about "connecting links to the island" not really a link but a highway.

Bruce - HR funding. DOT seasonal guys can't be used for HRDC work. This funding program doesn't really fit our program, Bruce feels, as there is some skill involved in crib work and training would be required. Bruce packed it in.

Once warm weather comes, reflectors can go on posts.

Date set for meeting in March. March 10th at Anne's place.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 P.M. after hearing wonderful tales of life in the south shore over the years from Douglas Bell.