Jan 2004


* * * DRAFT MINUTES * * * OF THE MEETING of January 7, 2004

Chairman: Jim Sewell

Absent: Anne Greer, Harold Adams, John Nichols, Jean McHarg,  Neiff Joseph, Bob Fulleman and Gordon Whynacht

1. Burpee Meisner - membership
2. Bruce Raymond - update of roads and HRDC funding
3. Linda MacDonald - Interpretive panels
4. Douglas Bell - Access to Sperry’s Beach

No minutes from previous meeting. Where are the Minutes?

1. Membership - Burpee Meisner. Of the 117 letters sent out, 13 were sent back in the self addressed, stamped envelopes and 26 were sent back in the self addressed envelope. Most of the 26 people also sent a donation to Friends of approximately $20.00 per letter. A total of 78 people did not respond. No notices were sent to the USA Burpee suggested that we call these 78 and he needs a hand. The calls will be divided between Linda, Bruce, Andra, Gordon and Jim.
Total membership at present - in and around 470.

2. Bruce Raymond - Government progress. Paul Sampson and Bruce spoke and they are coming to Crescent Beach soon (rumour has it the 11th which falls on a Sunday so we’ll wait and see). They are just finishing off the Green Bay job which has been extensive. We now have the material for the reflective tabs to be nailed on each pole going up and down the length of Crescent Beach. Peter West has volunteered to punch holes in the tabs and Douglas Bell and Burpee Meisner will cut the lengths into three tabs per length. Bruce had a meeting two weeks ago with HRDC regarding the availability of labour for cribwork and dunes. The way the program works is that people not presently employed will come out with supervision and provide Friends with the labour portion only of the repair work. Bruce is presently working on a proposal for this including Hurricane Juan repairs and prevention of dune crossing. e.g. Rose bushes. Gordon was looking into the possibility of planting rose bushes to prevent people from crossing over the dunes. There would be several areas where people could cross the dunes and these areas would be made visible by placing flat stones or flag stones along designated areas. The deadline for this proposal is the end of January. As a result of these discussions, Gordon provided us with the information he had received about transplanting existing hardy local rose bushes. Lisa Bell says that it would be a waste of time to transplant the entire bush but we could grow cuttings from the bush which is time consuming. Peter has offered to contact Bay Port Nursery as Gordon attempted to contact them over the holidays with no success and will be leaving soon for the winter.

Bruce also spoke with Bob Taylor about the seaweed at the beach. He suggested throwing some into the dunes as it helps to prevent sand from leaving the dunes but Douglas Bell felt that it was too dense to be carried out by hand and would need machinery. Let nature takes its course.

*** Many thanks to Eric, Jim, Gordon W, Gordon P who hauled away all the logs blocking the entrance to Crescent Beach.***

3. Linda - Interpretive panels. Linda brought a diagram which Don Pentz sketched outlining the general ideas he has for the panel. Total cost - including HST - $4,485.00 per panel. The panel would measure 48 x 36. Atlantex fee would be an additional $1,300.00 per panel (These are the people who make the actual panel without the design) There was some concern about the lack of coverage of the dunes in the panel. (Covered would be ocean, flats and woodland areas) Linda suggested that 2 or 3 people go back to Don with suggestions - Gordon and Jim offered to go with Linda. Jean will have to let us know if we have the money. Tourism will pay 29% of the total fee but the deadline for this project to be sent into Tourism is March 31.

4. Captain Bell spoke regarding the Himmelman/Sperry’s Beach access. A letter was received basically saying that the matter is still under consideration. Frustrating lack of results and Captain Bell says that it’s been going on for too long - Mr. Himmelman was asked to remove his fence in June of 2000.

Eric Rafuse passed a pamphlet along from John Nichols regarding volunteer work. A caution to volunteers that they are liable for work performed even on a volunteer basis and are cautioned to act responsibly. Jean asked Eric to mention the Juan Recovery Fund which she saw in BC This is for non-profit organizations. Jim will look into possible funding. Jean also sent an application to join the N.S. Nature Trust at a fee of $25.00. Burpee wanted to know the benefits of this fund and he will look into this for the next meeting.

Burpee will have cheque books while Eric is away.

Gordon made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:30 P.M. and the motion was seconded by Peter Bell.

Next meeting will be February 11th, 2004 at Linda MacDonald’s house.