Nov 2003


Minutes of Board Meeting, November 19, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Jim Sewell.

Board Members present: Doug Bell, Peter Bell, Bob Fulleman, Anne Greer, Neiff Joseph, Linda MacDonald, Jean McHarg, Burpee Meisner, Eric Rafuse, Bruce Raymond, Jim Sewell,

Board Members absent: Harold Adams, John Nichols, Gordon Prince, Andra White, Pete West and Gordon Whynacht.

Moved (Jean McHarg), seconded (Bruce Raymond) to adopt minutes of Board meeting of October 29, 2003 with corrections.

Financial Report: Moved (Jean McHarg), seconded (Burpee Meisner) to accept financial report as presented. Moved, seconded and passed to remove Chris Gill and replace with Eric Rafuse as a signer on the account.

Laura Barkhouse suggests that we should apply to HRDC for labour for crib repair.

Committee Reports

Membership, Burpee Meisner: Discussion re increasing membership dues. General consensus negative.
Discussion re using new logo on T-shirts in the spring. Other fundraiser discussed. Jean will check on cost of playing cards and cost of T-shirts.

Crescent Beach, Bruce Raymond: Discussion re armour rock and whether rock should replace cribwork. Consensus negative. Rock replaces the dune and does not encourage sand build-up. Vegetation is best at building up sand dunes. The beach sub-committee will look at ways to discourage foot traffic on the dunes. Sharri Bush has suggested planting wild roses (Regossa) to encourage sand dunes and discourage foot traffic. Anne Greer will check on rose bush source.

Re billing for cribwork repairs, the Society should discuss the billing with DNR and DOT to determine the proper procedure. 283 posts have been installed on the roadside for which we will be billed by the contractor.

Discussion re should we clean all old cribwork off the beach. General consensus yes. Discussion re when (probably Spring) and where to put the old cribwork.

Old Business

Doug Bell tried to research Cape LaHave Island at the land office and gave up. He called Land Records at DNR and got licenses and deeds dating back to 1777 and 1779. Also obtained a deed from George III dated 1785.

New Business

Foxes are reported to be not a danger to birdlife and we should leave nature alone. (See detailed report handed to Peter Bell from Shirley Coors, who has monitored the shorebirds for the Canadian Wildlife Service since the mid 1970s, and whose records for the past several years show no drop in numbers of willets or spotted sandpipers).

Newsletter will be mailed to all members and all local area residents.

Motion to publish names of donors in newsletter, discussion, moved, seconded and passed.

Eric Rafuse will join Linda MacDonald on the signage committee.

Next regular board meeting will be held Wednesday, January 14th 2004.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Fulleman, Secretary