July 2003


Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors of Friends of Crescent Beach, Green Bay and Area held on Tuesday, July 8, 2003.

Present: P. Bell, C. Gill, A. Greer, L. MacDonald, B. Meisner, J. Nichols, G. Prince,  E. Rafuse, B. Raymond, P. West.

Regrets: J. McHarg

Chair: John Nichols

1. Minutes of meeting held on May 10th, 2003, approved, moved by Anne.

2. Financial report prepared by Jean (regrets) was tabled by Eric. It reflected income and expenditures in our bank account. Such a report would be presented at the AGM (no need for reference to the Champlain Lectures grant). Linda reported that the donations received to date from individuals in the community now totaled $7,020.

3. Progress Report on Beach work was given by Bruce. The work on the crib for this year has been completed, and a storage is needed for the significant inventory of logs for future repair work. DNR wants the logs moved from Rissers, as soon as possible. The fencing project is about to proceed. DNR has selected the contractor for their fencing work in the area, which will include our project. The projected cost is around $8,000, assuming 600 metres of posts (only), with 12' centres. It was suggested some additional posts be installed in those pull-over areas that are being blocked off, or tightly controlled. Moved by Anne, seconded by Gordon, resolved that the fencing project proceed up to a budget commitment of $8,000 (includes some discretionary expenditures). The Board thanked Bruce for his extensive work effort with D of T, and also agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Paul Sampson of the department.

4. Project costs and funding was reported on by Eric, who indicated that, if the fencing and the interpretive panels kept on budget, the funding already approved would carry us through to the completion of this first phase of work (Action Plan). As to the possibility of an additional $8,000 grant from Tourism and Culture NS, the Board decided that, if positive news arrives shortly, it should hold a special meeting to decide on possible uses of these additional funds and the matching ACOA grant — prior, that is, to the AGM in late August. The Secretary noted that there was a ‘wish list’ in development by Board members.

5. Information Panels at the Beach was reported on by Linda, who has discussed the art work component with Don Penz - for a panel on bird life and one on the beach/dunes dynamics. Atlantex has produced a new cost estimate for the production of the panels themselves, minus the supporting structure. The Board approved a go-ahead for this project, on the understanding that the project costs would not exceed $8300, and with these further points:
• Don would consult a birder such as Shirley Cohrs on the birds to be seen normally at Crescent;
• the art work would be shown to the Board at some point, prior to final production of the panels
• Don would give clearance for the artwork to be used on T-Shirts etc if the Board so decided.

6. Donor Recognition at the Beach was discussed at length. It was decided that a simple sign would be placed on the Welcome Sign structure, indicating that a full list of donors to the work at Crescent could be seen at the LaHave Islands Maritime Museum. It would be worded so that it covered future donors, with the book at the Museum being periodically updated.

7. AGM: Date of Saturday, August 23rd set, at the Petite Riviere Fire Hall, beginning at 10:00 am. Copies of essential reports should be made available at the registration desk. The Board discussed anticipated questions respecting, for instance, the protection of the Cape. The Chairman believed that we as a Board reflect the community consensus, namely that the Cape must be protected ‘as is’, and if provincial legislation is needed to guarantee this absolutely, then it should be sought. It is an open question what matters will be raised from the floor at the AGM.

The Executive Committee will meet to plan the August Annual Meeting, and other Board members will be consulted on matters they are working actively on.