May 2003


Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
held Saturday, May 10, 2003

Present: D. Bell, P. Bell, C. Gill, A. reer, L. Macdonald, J. McHarg, J. Nichols, E. Rafuse, B. Raymond, P. West
Chair: John Nichols

1. Minutes of meeting held on March 22, 2003, approved as presented.

2. Progress Report on Crib Repair: Bruce reported that the crib repair had begun, at the far end of the beach, with the replacement of missing boards, then, time and funds permitting, the replacement of rotting ones. Work will proceed as the tide permits, with the work crew assigned to other departmental work during down-time. He explained that a fork lift was costly but absolutely needed for this type of work, given that the logs were green hemlock and therefore very heavy.

3. Budget situation: The Treasurer explained that it was not possible to project our budget situation through to the end of the Action Plan, since many of the actual costs and some of the projected estimates were not firm. By the next meeting, such projections would likely be possible, and decisions can be taken at that time on remaining projects.

It was reported by Linda that the community fund-raising now totalled: $5340. Eric reported that TD Bank had recently approved a grant of $2,000 to our work at Crescent. It was decided that another general newsletter should be issued by bulk mail to the local community, thanking and listing all donors. Further donations would be invited for our 'continuing' work, with reference made, since all logs had been donated, to a ' symbolic log' contribution.

4. Recognizing Individual Donors: The Board examined various options for recognizing donors, and settled on this approach: a small sign would be added to the 'Welcome' sign, indicating that the work at the beach was supported by individual, corporate and governmental donors - a complete listing of whom could be found at the LaHave Islands Maritime Museum. Jean undertook to organize this. A letter should be written to the Chairman of the Museum's Board, asking for agreement that a book, listing the names of the donors, be placed there. Jean said she knew of a calligrapher who might be willing to prepare the list of donors. Since fund-raising for our work at the beach is on-going, this plan would permit donor lists to be updated from time to time.

5. Fencing: Bruce indicated that the tender call had been issued, and we should getting a handle on the fencing costs shortly.

6. Interpretive panels: Linda circulated a concept drawing by Don Pentz of the proposed interpretive panel on bird life at the beach. The costs of the artwork are to be obtained for the next Board meeting, at which a decision will be taken on whether this project is a 'go'. The Board was enthusiastic about his art work. Linda indicated that his agreement had been obtained to using his art work on Friends T-shirts, if we wished.

7. Beach Clean-up: The annual clean-up effort organized by Jean will take place on June 7th.

8. Department of Natural Resources cautionary sign at Crescent: The Chairman referred the Board to the wording of a sign the department proposes to place at Crescent Beach, warning users of the presence of vehicles. Their draft #1 was preferred over wording, and he will inform them of the Board's preference.

9. Insurance Issue: The matter was discussed and it was decided not to pursue it further.

10. Municipality's Strategic Planning of Open Spaces: A brief report was given on a local public meeting held by the Municipality. Ensuring the statutory protection of Cape LaHave as common land, 'as is', was a first priority for locals.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, July 8th, at Linda's home.