Mar 2003


Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
held Saturday, March 22, 2003


Present: D. Bell, P. Bell, C. Gill, J. McHarg, B. Meisner, J. Nichols, J. Sewell, B. Raymond, K. Dempsey, and invitee, Harold Adams
Regrets: A. Greer, L. MacDonald, G. Prince, E. Rafuse, P. West

Chair: John Nichols
1. Minutes of meeting held on January 17th, 2003, approved as read.

2. Membership: Burpee reported on new memberships and on his efforts to follow up with those who have not renewed.

3. Financial Matters: The following reports (on file) were presented by Jean:

  • Financial Statement, December 9, 2002 to March 10, 2003, in respect of which two motions were passed:

    • that payments be made for incidentals to four Board members, moved by Jean and seconded by Burpee
    • that a payment of $1150 be made to Bowater for the transportation of the logs needed for crib repair, moved by Jean and seconded by Bruce.
  • A Projection of Project costs and sources of funds, developed by Eric and Laura Barkhouse, the staff member of the Municipality of the County of Lunenburg who is administering the ACOA grant. The statement was developed for ACOA purposes, and not for general use with our membership or publicly. Jean mentioned that the reference in the document to 'Phase 2' was put in to indicate the ACOA funds that would still be available for further work at the beach, upon the completion of the Action Plan in its present form.

In terms of fund raising, Jean recommended, and the Board agreed, that a brief newsletter should be sent out by Jim, inviting donations by those who had not 'purchased a log' to date -a 'last call'.

It was further reported by Jean that Eric was preparing three further grant submissions, to be addressed to TD Bank, Tourism NS, and NS Sport and Recreation.

4. Status of Work at Crescent Bruce reported that the logs from Bowater, 640 x 10' hemlock logs, had arrived and have been piled in the Rissers Park parking lot. The installation will proceed mid-April, according to Paul Sampson, who undertook to provide a cost estimate for this work as soon as possible. A portable saw contractor (Wentzell) has been contracted by Friends to do the splitting.

5. Recognizing donors.  The listing of 'log purchasers' was discussed. As to how to recognize them, it was agreed that Jean and Eric should collect ideas and present a recommendation at the next Board meeting. These should be some form of sign at the Beach, and a record in the LaHave Islands Marine Museum.

6. Fencing tender call Jim and Bruce will keep in close touch with the Department of Transportation regarding the inclusion of our fencing requirement in a general tender call. Further, Jim will organize a visit to the beach to identify precisely which pull-over areas will be left, which closed off.

7. Liability Issues This was the first discussion by the Board of the issue of Board liability. Harold Adams commented on the new provincial legislation, noting that it was intended to cover individual volunteers. It does not cover a voluntary organization, such as ours, in the event of a suit against the Board. It was agreed that it is time to explore such insurance options, on the basis of what is concerning us. Many voluntary organizations have retained such insurance coverage, in spite of the new legislation.

8. Other business: Harold Adams expressed the view that our local area needs some zoning by-laws to prevent or to require due public process for the construction of major commercial operations, such as condominiums. He thought it falls within the mandate of Friends to propose this to the community. This matter could be raised from the floor at our Annual Meeting, under other business. Harold expressed some concerns about the Cape, in terms of whether it is sufficiently protected from development, in statute. He also thought some form of management is needed, to keep the area clean. Chris thought that a volunteer group of interested individuals in the community could probably do clean-up work, and thereby a 'management program' would be avoided. Burpee mentioned his hope of persuading some landowners out at Green Bay that some recycling units are needed out there. In discussions he has had to date, the idea was either rejected or their placement should be: 'not near my property'. He said he would persevere with the idea, and perhaps bring it back to the Board at a future time.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on April 10 at the home of Anne Greer.