Jan 2003


Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
on January 17th, 2003
at the home of Anne Greer.

Present: D. Bell, P. Bell, K. Dempsey, C. Gill, A. Greer, L. Macdonald, J. Sewell, P. West
Regrets: J. McHarg, J. Nichols, G. Prince, E. Rafuse, B. Raymond

In the absence of John Nichols, Jim Sewell chaired.

1. Minutes: the minutes of the meeting held on December 9th were approved. Business arising: the planting of rose bushes in the dunes as a means of stabilization was further discussed on the basis of feedback from Peter's wife Lise. Main message is that they would need much tending, and indeed need some earth, not sand alone to grow in. For further discussion.

2. Reports:

  • Membership stands at 456 individuals, with 7 new members and 8 renewals recently. There was discussion of what final steps to take before removing from our lists those whose dues are more than 2 years delinquent. Burpee will take considered action.
  • Donations to the crib repair have reached $4,000.
  • Plowing of snow to make the beach accessible was undertaken by Peter, and it is being kept clear. Rissers parking areas have been plowed out recently; the recycling bins are closed, but the Municipality has approved the removal of materials at times when DNR does not undertake this service. We would notify the Municipality come Spring.
  • Jim reported on meetings he had attended respecting Champlain celebrations, and reported that the proposal originally made to seek a designation of the Cape, opposed by Friends, is not being pursued further.
  • The bank account balance stands at $6,650, and it contains the donations, as well as received ACOA funds (for the Loucks study and the recycling units).

3. Action Plan: Crib repair and fencing. The Board noted with excitement the decision by DNR to cover the labour costs for crib repair up to $10,000. It was also reported that, since the meeting in December, Eric had been examining the project costs and the sources of funding. In his absence, Chris tabled the attached report from Eric (attachment). With the DNR commitment, it appears the crib repair can proceed, as can, with some supplementary funding being lined up, the fence installation.

The following three motions were adopted by the Board on this subject, the wording of which has been edited in order to reflect current facts.

  1. Moved by Anne, and seconded by Linda, the Board unanimously resolved that the repair of the revetment, involving the replacement of rotted boards and the installation of new boards as needed, be proceeded with in April, on the following understandings:

    • DNR will arrange for the repair work, including the provision and supervision of the required labour force, the ordering and delivery specifications for all supplies and materials, and signing and supervising the contract for the splitting and cutting of logs;
    • Friends, through its Board member, Bruce Raymond (with Jim Sewell as replacement), will assist DNR in specifying an efficient and long-lasting repair job, and will offer advice on the ordering of supplies and materials;
    • DNR will re-estimate project cost for crib repair; funding available at present includes the money donated by the community ($4000 as of mid-January), the grant approved by the Municipality of the County of Lunenburg ($1,000), DNR's contribution of $10,000 for labour costs, and ACOA's cost-shared contribution; by the March meeting of the Board, the Treasurer will satisfy herself that the project costs and available funding are satisfactory and recommended to the Board for final approval.

  2. Moved by Linda and seconded by Jim, the Board resolved that, subject to obtaining supplementary funding as required, an additional 600 metres of fencing be installed along the road and in and around specified pull-over sites, in order to protect the dunes from incursions now being made by vehicles, on the following understandings:
    • once the carry-over of funding from the revetment repair is known (a reference to ACOA funds or entitlement to funds), steps be taken to seek additional funding, to be organized by Eric Rafuse and with advice and input from Laura Barkhouse (NS Sport and Recreation is possible source);

    • the Department of Transportation and Public Works will let the contract for this additional fencing, as a component of a general call for tenders;
    • Friends, through Bruce Raymond, will advise on the precise location for the fencing, and will identify which pull-over areas are to be retained;
    • by the March meeting of the Board, the Treasurer will satisfy herself that the budget and funding is satisfactory and recommended to the Board for final approval.

  3. Moved by Burpee and seconded by Peter, the Board resolved that steps be taken to inform the community of the forthcoming work projects at Crescent, in order to solicit views and support.

4. Action Plan: Interpretive Panels. Linda described where we stand in our planning. It was agreed that we should move to mocking up the content of the three panels, turning to Don Pentz and Shirley Cohrs with respecting to the panel on bird life, and Ron Loucks on the life of the beach and dunes. Further, there are a number of options for the placement of the panels. It was agreed that further work should be done to enable the Board to focus on the content of the panels, and their possible placement.

5. Action Plan: Oral history project. Anne will plans some interviews, and also check out the prices of tape recorders that can be used to produce transcriptions.

6. Liability Issues: Harold Adams has offered to come to the next Board meeting and discuss Board liability questions and the need for insurance. Chris and Jim have been in discussion with other voluntary non-profit groups in the vicinity and many of them are retaining insurance policies, to supplement the provisions of the new provincial legislation adopted last December, the purpose of which is to protect volunteer workers against personal suits, in the line of duty. This matter is to be discussed further at the next meeting.

7. Karen asked if anyone would be interested in joining the consultative committee on the Petite Riviere watershed committee. A vacancy exists. She spoke to some Board members privately after the meeting on this matter. It is proposed that the next meeting of the Board be held in March, given the considerable amount of operational work that must now be undertaken with DNR and the Dept of Transportation.