Dec 2002


Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
held at the home of Linda Macdonald
December 9, 2002

Present: P. Bell, C. Gill, L. Macdonald, J. McHarg, E. Rafuse, B. Raymond,J. Sewell
Regrets: A. Greer, J. Nichols, G. Prince, P. West
Chair: In the absence of John Nichols, Jim Sewell chaired.

1. Treasurer's business: The Treasurer indicated that, while a separate account had been created to bank donations to the 'Purchase-a-Log' Fund, it would not be used. Donations will simply be deposited into the regular account, for reasons of convenience and cash flow. Jean indicated that the next day, she was traveling to BC for a two month stay, and that she had asked Eric to assist with the Treasurer's duties in her absence.

2. Newsletter: Jim's efforts in preparing the Newsletter were appreciated - the Newsletter has drawn an interested and positive response. Memberships are being renewed, and donations are flowing in for the crib repair, as a result of this communication to the community (sent to all households in our area, as well as members).

3. Review of recent events: There was a brief review of recent events surrounding DNR's possible intentions at Crescent. In the context of the issue of permitting vehicles on the beach, a motion was proposed by Eric and seconded by Jean, "that the Board focus all its efforts in the period ahead on the goals of the Action Plan and avoid further engagement/discussions at this time with DNR on the issue of the regulation of vehicles on the beach." The motion was approved, but with two contrary votes.

4. Interpretive Panels: Linda reported on discussions held at the beach with Atlantex, the designer of manufacturer of signage such as one sees at national parks. It was agreed that further steps should be taken to develop specific proposals on design and location, as well of course as the cost estimates, for three panels - for the Board's consideration.

5. The Action Plan: Eric Rafuse expressed the view that the Action Plan should be revised to include the construction of crib work along the center segment of the beach, where only armor rock only is now found. He noted that Dr. Taylor considers this a constructive action to take in terms of dune formation. Eric further recommended that the planting of rose bushes might contribute a great deal to the stability of the dunes. These recommended actions were noted, and are retained for further discussion by the Board, when more members are present.

6. Fund-raising and budget requirements. Chris had requested, at the previous Board meeting, that the Treasurer 'take hold' of the budget planning process for the Action Plan, and it had been agreed that this was needed and timely. At this meeting, he suggested that new initiatives for developing fund raising proposals be developed to locate needed matching funds, and that this be done against a realistic budget. Many uncertainties exist. Eric agreed to take up some these Treasurer's roles in her absence, and identify in particular (a) our budget requirements for the implementation of the Action Plan and (b) sources of additional funding. Chris undertook to provide him with a briefing on the efforts that had been made, successfully or otherwise, to date.

7. Two gapping holes: the possible cost of the logs remains unknown, in spite of extensive discussions with Bowater, and it is also unclear what DNR 's role is likely to be, as the fallout from the recent potential dispute occurs. It was agreed that Chairman John should clarify the DNR interest and possible involvement in the Action Plan.

8. Liability issues: it was agreed that the Board should investigate what voluntary Boards such as ours should do to protect themselves from liability (civil suits) in the conduct of their affairs. Eric was requested to investigate and report on this question, for future discussion by the Board.

The next meeting of the Board will be on Saturday, January 18, at Anne's home.