Nov 2002


Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
held at the home of Burpee Meisner
November 13, 2002

Present: P. Bell, K. Dempsey, C. Gill, A. Greer, L. Macdonald, J. McHarg, G. Prince, B. Meisner, B. Raymond, J. Sewell
Regrets: John Nichols, Doug Bell, P. West

In the absence of Chairman John Nichols, Burpee Meisner chaired the meeting.

1. Moved by Bruce and seconded by Jim, the Board approved the minutes.

2. The Treasurer indicated that the bank balance was about the same as reported in October. A separate bank account has now been established to deposit and hold the funds donated by the community to the crib repair project. It was agreed by the Treasurer and the Board that the budget planning and control for the Action Plan should be placed in the hands of the Treasurer at this time, since we are coming closer to implementation.

3. Membership stands at 438 individuals, 244 families, and, of these totals, some 107 are not paid up. The forthcoming Newsletter will make a pitch for renewals.

4. The Secretary reported that a letter was sent by the Chairman to SS 2004 after the last Board meeting, expressing the objections Friends had to the proposal for the designation of Cape LaHave by National Historic Sites.

5. The Board discussed relationships with NS Department of Natural Resources in respect of Crescent Beach.

These motions were adopted:

  • Moved by Jean and seconded by Gordon, the Board agreed that Friends should not at this time enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with DNR, but discussions with the Department should continue.
  • Moved by Gordon and seconded by Anne, the Board approved the drafting of a call for tenders for the repair of the crib, these specifications to be placed before this Board for decision at its December meeting.
  • Moved by Jim and seconded by Bruce, the Board agreed that DOT should be contacted by Chris and Bruce to discuss the issuing of permits for crib repair and the extension of fencing.

6. Newsletter: the Board discussed the issuing of a Newsletter, now in draft, to the entire communities of LaHave (rural route), Crescent Beach, the LaHave Islands, Petite Riviere and Green Bay. It would inform the community of Friends' plans for repair and protection, and launch publicly our community fund raising. The responsibility for the Newsletter is with Jim and comments should be forwarded to him.

7. Interpretive information panels at Crescent: Linda told the Board of a planned visit by the owner of from Atlantex -- to discuss the design and possible location of the planned three panels. Anne will try to join her in meeting with the representative.

8 Other matters: Chris tabled a note from Eric Rafuse, containing views on some components of our Action Plan. Eric was not able to come to this meeting, and will speak to his concerns at the regular meeting in December. How to best recognize those who make individual donations to the crib repair was discussed. In addition to a plaque or sign at the beach, the idea of placing a record in the LaHave Islands Museum is worth pursuing.

The next meeting of the Board will be held at Linda's home on Monday, December 9th.