Aug 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
August 6, 2002

Present: P. Bell, C. Gill, A. Greer, L. Macdonald, J. McHarg, B. Meisner, J. Nichols, G. Prince, P. West and invitee B. Raymond.
Regrets: Jim Sewell, Doug Bell, Karen Dempsey
Chairman: John Nichols

Minutes: approved with two typographical corrections.

Treasurer's Report Jean reported $3389 in the bank, noting that two invoices are still to be paid for the recycling bins. With regard to the proposed 'purchase-a-log' fund-raising project, it was agreed, moved by Linda and seconded by Gordon, that donations for this need a special line item in financial reports and a separate bank account if TD will provide a second account with a waiver of service charges.

Membership Burpee reported on the membership drive this past weekend. There were 44 renewals, 11 new members. A discussion was then pursued on whether membership fees should be raised, and, if so, by how much. It was Burpee's judgment that, if fees were raised as proposed, we would inevitably lose some members. After some discussion, it was moved by Jean and seconded by Linda that the fee be standardized at $5 for individuals and families alike. This would simplify the fee structure, and raise sufficient revenues for our needs - given the large membership that has been built up.

Memorandum of Understanding with DNR  John reported on a productive meeting he, Jim and Karen had with Gerry Joudrey and staff of DNR on the proposed Memorandum of Understanding. DNR had originally proposed such an agreement, as a required framework for its involvement with Friends in work at the Beach. Attached to these minutes is the text of the MOU as revised during the meeting with DNR. In the ensuing discussion, there was concern expressed that the very entering into an agreement might be interpreted locally as the co-option of our organization -leading us into projects/actions that the community might fundamentally oppose. This was debated. It was agreed that, if this is so perceived by some members of our community, then Friends must simply do a better job in its public relations, so that it makes clear that it is acting always on the community's behalf and in its general interest. It was moved by Jim and seconded by Chris that the agreement as amended be approved in principle by the Board, and placed before the forthcoming Annual Meeting. Agreed. 3. Newsletter A Newsletter had just been distributed, thanks to the efforts of Jim and also his wife Kathy.

Crescent Beach  Chris reported that Sport and Recreation NS had approved a grant of $3,000 as a 50% contribution to the work of Ron Loucks in updating the scientific assessment of the state of the beach and dunes. This will enable a first phase of this study to proceed. The Board noted the invitation from Sheila Chambers to use and review what is in the LaHave Islands Museum in terms of the history of Crescent Beach. It was also noted that Sheila herself could probably arrange access to the Romkey family papers on Crescent. With respect to community fund-raising for the work at Crescent, particularly the repair of the crib, it was agreed that a one-pager promo would be useful. There was comment on the fact that the Newsletter mentioned our planned 'purchase-a-log' fund raising project somewhat in advance of our consolidated organization of the effort. A working group was formed of Linda, Jim, and Jean to work out a detailed approach to this fund-raising effort, knowing that it would only go into high gear when the ACOA financing comes through. A connection was made between the provision of basic information to the public on our planned actions at Crescent and this fund-raising effort. The recycling units were considered a successful installation by Board members, with thanks going particularly to Jim Sewell and Pete West for their work on the signs, and to Jean's carpenter for his excellent construction and installation work.

Annual General Meeting A planning discussion on the Annual Meeting to place, respecting the agenda, the registration and welcome table, and the roles members of the Board would play. We wished ourselves a good general meeting.

Christopher Gill Secretary