Jun 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
at home of Linda MacDonald
on 12th June 2002

Present: D. Bell, P. Bell, P. Corkum, K. Dempsey, C. Gill, J. Nichols, G. Prince, J. Sewell, and invitee, Bruce Raymond.
Regrets: J. McHarg
Chairman: John Nichols

1. Minutes approved, moved by Karen.

2. Reports
A brief financial report was presented by the Secretary on behalf of Jean McHarg. The grant of $1,000 from Michelin for the recycling project had been deposited.

It was noted that the Beech Sweep this year had been organized on a date quite different from past years, and that it would be desirable to return to the original summer date. Thanks to Jean for organizing the successful event this year (moved by Anne and, seconded by Karen).

Linda reported a conversation with Doug Cox about the 2004 activities of recognition of the 400th anniversary of Champlain's exploration and mapping of the Green Bay and Petite area. Doug is looking for individuals who reside in Petite/Green Bay area to become involved in the organizational work for the 2004 Champlain celebrations. As moved by Karen and seconded by Linda, it was agreed we should re-contact Doug and support his interest.

3. Crescent Beach Action Plan The Board noted the status of various funding solicitations for the Action Plan. The decisions by ACOA will be positive, according to recent information, but the timing of its final decisions and announcements seems indeterminate.

Pending the principal funding, the Board approved the construction and installation of two recycling units by Stoodley's Carpentry, one of three carpenters who had been invited to quote. His estimate was half the amount of a second quote, and the Board was confident the work would be done according to the specs developed by the Regional Recycling Facility, with these changes: the unit's depth is to be 2' not 4', and the carpenter should use, as he himself proposed, treated lumber not plywood for the box. The Board approved a budget of $1500, the total of the grants from (a) Michelin and (b) the Resource Recovery fund. The Board asked Jim Sewell to develop the appropriate signage for the front face of the units, using Friends' logo and the logos of the granting agencies in an appropriate scale and design.

4. Some next steps re Crescent Karen, as a member of the Council, will meeting with members of the provincial Cabinet, and will seek out the Minister of Natural Resources, and Transportation, to solicit their interest and support for our work at Crescent. After her meeting, a meeting should be held with departmental staff to once and for all resolve, in principle, their willingness to do the capital work at the Beach ( moved by Gordon Prince and Doug Bell). Instead of ad hoc approaches being made to solicit matching funds for the projects, an overall strategy should be considered at the July meeting, taking stock of the funding at that point.

5. Sperry's Beach The Board received a report from Doug Bell on the field work being done by DNR officials to deal with the status of the public road, enclosed by pasture fencing by the landowner. It was decided, as moved by Doug and seconded by Karen, that a follow-up letter should be sent to DNR authorities urging a resolution of the issue raised by Friends last year.

6. Crescent Beach History Project Anne outlined where the project stands, and some Board members were assigned specific residents to interview during the summer.

7. Newsletter A Newsletter is to be sent out on the day following the next Board Meeting, with information on the Board's work and successes to date, and on the Annual General Meeting, planned for August 3. Jim Sewell said he expected the draft to be kicked about at the Board meeting but the Board declared their confidence in his excellent work and said they would probably change only a comma or two. The meeting adjourned at 9:45, with thanks to Linda for hosting once again.

The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday, July 10th, at the home of Gordon Prince.

Christopher Gill Secretary