May 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
at home of Linda MacDonald
on 8th May 2002

Present: D. Bell, P. Bell, C. Gill, L. MacDonald, J. McHarg, B. Meisner, J. Nichols and invitees, Nita Eisenhauer, Bruce Raymond.

Regrets: A. Greer, G. Prince
Chairman: J. Nichols

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

1. Reports
The Secretary reported that the Society's files from 1997 are now in his possession, but none from earlier years. Correspondence had been received from the Municipality, communicating their approval of a $1,000 grant towards capital projects at Crescent. The Fire Hall in Petite is reserved for the AGM on August 3 (no charge?). The Treasurer reported that our bank balance is approximately $2,500. The arrangement with Saltscapes continues, but needs promotion. Burpee moved, Linda seconded the renewal of membership in Clean Nova Scotia. Membership lists, now on computer thanks to Gordon, are up to date.

2. Crescent Beach Action Plan Moved by Jean and seconded by Peter, that "the time has come to ask in writing (cc to Don Downe) for commitments from the departments of Transportation and Natural Resources to organize/supervise the actual work of crib repair and fence installation, if Friends successfully raises the required funds." Unless such confirmation is received, a public campaign of fund-raising would be inadvisable. The status of fund-raising efforts is:  

  • ACOA: awaited
  • Michelin: approved $1,000 for recycling units
  • Municipality: approved $1,000 for capital project
  • Shell: interested, on hold for re-submission
  • TD Bank: open to presentation to their panel
  • Bowater: interested, wishes to examine the crib on site
  • Sport and Recreation: $6,000 requested; they are interested Jean has researched and listed for the Board a number of additional sources/granting agencies, to be approached once the ACOA funding is approved and known (list on file).

The Board approved in principle the plan to have Ron Loucks undertake a comprehensive scientific study of the beach, updating the previous studies (moved by Chris, seconded by Burpee). Terms of reference need to be approved by the Board, and the funding confirmed, then this important project can get underway in time to use the results in public consultations.

3. Waste Management at Crescent The Board noted the results of a planning session involving five representatives of Friends with Richard Wilson coordinator of Recycling at the regional facility. The general design and location of two units was reported. This was approved, as was the retention of two drums on the beach for general refuse and used dog bags. Richard's office will draw up plans. Moved by Jean and seconded by Peter, the Board approve the construction and installation of two units, not to exceed $1,000 -- the amount donated by Michelin. The portable toilets will be placed at the Beach by DNR, Jean reported. Also the department will provide drums for garbage. The Beach Sweep will occur on May 11, as organized and publicized by Jean. 4.

Other matters: Hasty Notes were discussed. It is not clear whether we have collected the monies for the locally placed cards that have been sold. It was agreed that this fund-raising project would not be renewed when the card supply is exhausted.

The fund-raising concept involving the 'buy a log' concept for the repair of the crib will be further expanded by Jean. Its launch is contingent upon obtaining agreement from the NS departments of Transportation and Natural Resources that they will undertake in due course the capital works projects. The Newsletter will be held off a while longer (assignments for drafting of sections prepared by Jim).

The next meeting of the Board will be held on June 12, at Linda's home. The meeting adjourned at 9:45. Christopher Gill, Secretary