Apr 2002



Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors
at home of Anne Greer
on 15th April 2002

Present: P. Corkum, K. Dempsey, C. Gill, A. Greer, J. McHarg, B. Meisner, J. Nichols, J. Sewell, and invitee, B. Raymond
Chairman: John Nichols

The meeting opened with a motion (adopted), proposed by Karen and Jean, that the Chairman write to Terry Durnavich, whose intention to resign as Secretary of the Society had been received at the last meeting, expressing our appreciation for all her work and urging her to remain a member of the Board. It was agreed that her contributions to the Society be appropriately recognized at the 2002 Annual Meeting.

A further motion was passed, naming Chris as Secretary, Jim as Vice-Chairman (replacing Chris) and Burpee as Second Vice-Chairman (Membership). Chris asked to be given all the Secretary's files.

1. Priority concern of the Board A motion was adopted, put forward by Jean and seconded by Paul, "that the Board concentrate its energies and attention on the repair and restoration work needed at Crescent Beach, and, with respect to a matter such as the retention of the Old Shore Road as a public right-of-way, a 'watching brief' only be maintained, at this time".

2. Crescent Beach Action Plan 2002 Karen reported that the Municipality had approved a capital grant of $1,000 to the work at Crescent Beach (for which a letter of thanks will be written). The Board approved the use of these funds as needed for the installation of two recycling units (Paul and Peter to pursue detailed planning). The ACOA decision on its principal funding is still awaited. Once positive news arrives, meetings with the Ministers of (a) Natural Resources and (b) Transportation should be arranged (moved by Jean and seconded by Burpee). Karen to organize.

The Board then discussed details of the various work projects at the Beach, including the requirement for crib repair (500 cross-pieces now needed, if whole crib worth repairing) and also fencing (plan attached: 600 metres needed, including fencing of organized pull-over areas). A question was raised, for decision at the next meeting: if funding comes through, what is our scheduling plan for this summer and fall, including public consultation?

3. Immediate actions re Crescent. It was agreed that the Beach Sweep be scheduled for May 11th, as proposed by Jean. This year's work would not involve a detailed listing of all collected materials. (Jean to coordinate) Contact should be made immediately with DNR re the installation again this summer of Porta Potties. (Jean to pursue)

4. Newsletter Once the ACOA funding is secured, a Newsletter will be sent out, carrying this news and the plans for public consultation, as well as reports on: Friends' interest in the Old Shore Road, date of AGM, etc. (Jim to coordinate and edit)

5. AGM August 3, at 10:00 am, will be the date of the AGM, in the Fire Hall (Chris to reserve). In terms of general scheduling, a Special General Meeting could be held, say in July, focused exclusively on the Crescent Beach Action Plan.

6. History of Crescent Beach. Anne reported on her interview with Francis Romkey, and mentioned who else should be interviewed. To cover costs incurred with this project, it was moved by Jean and seconded by Jim that a budget of $200 be available to be drawn down as needed by Anne.

7. Other Information:

  • the Chairman had received a letter from a couple who wish to be married on the Beach in August, asking for whatever supportive activities Friends can offer.
  • Bruce reported that there exists in Broad Cove a community group with goals similar to Friends'.
  • Friends will join the LaHave River Valley Tourism Association (at no cost).
  • Friends will be represented at a briefing session being offered to charitable organizations by Revenue Canada (Jean to coordinate).
  • On April 9, Burpee received, at the recommendation of Friends, an award for voluntary work from the Municipality of the County of Lunenburg. Nita Eisenhauer was also recommended and will receive her award at our AGM, since she was away for the April ceremony.

8. Membership. Burpee noted that our membership 'families or units' are made up of:

  • 79% permanent NS residents
  • 10% residents of other provinces
  • 10% American.
  • 62% of total members appear to be permanent Lunenburg County residents.
  • The Society now has 362 individual members.

9. For further consideration: Jean outlined a concept for fund raising in connection with our work at Crescent Beach: invite members of the public to donate the cost of a log needed for Crib repair, with their names being placed on a sign or plaque in recognition. This excellent idea was considered well worth elaborating.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on May 8, at Linda's home. The meeting adjourned at 9:45 pm.